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Thursday, January 28, 2010

eHarmony Agrees to Settle Gay Discrimination Lawsuit

The Christian online dating service eHarmony has agreed to settle a California lawsuit that claimed their site discriminated against homosexuals.

eHarmony was founded by conservative Christian Neil Warren, who is a vocal supporter of traditonal heterosexual marriage. Although the site provides matchmaking services for Jewish, Hispanic, black, Christian, and seniors, eHarmony has resisted the including a gay and lesbian section since it launched in 2000. Then in 2008, under the terms of a previous lawsuit, eHarmony created a online dating service for gays and lesbians called However this new site was totally separate from eHarmony.

Under a proposed settlement, filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, eHarmony will have to link their straight website (eHarmony) to their Gay website (Compatible Partners) and allow people to use both without paying double fees. However as part of the settlement, eHarmony does not have to admit any wrong doing.

Plaintiff's attorney Todd Schneider says the company also agreed to pay about $500,000 to an estimated 150 Californians to settle the class-action suit, plus around $1.5 million in court and attorney's fees.

2010 Lesbian Events & Festivals

Here is a list of upcoming 2010 Lesbian & LGBT Events & Festivals throughout the US. I will post a list of Gay Pride Events later in the year. If you know of an upcoming event that is not on the list, please email me the details so I can add it.

These events are organized by state and then by date.


March 31-April 4, 2010
Dinah Shore
Palm Springs, CA
Celebrating 20 years of the world's Largest Girl Parties. Mainstream talent and cutting edge elements will make our productions an unforgettable experience.

April 15-18, 2010
International 2009 Ms Leather Contest
San Francisco, CA
The World’s Largest Event for Leatherwomen and Everyone Who Loves Them!

May 20 - 23, 2010
Russian River Women's Weekend
Guerneville, CA
A weekend of lesbians, pool parties, Drag King shows and more, all at the beautiful Russian River.

June 11-14, 2010
Palm Springs, CA
DESIRE is a unique weekend event for leather and kinky women. It provides the opportunity for women to celebrate their sexuality and kink freely and provides excellent education and empowering opportunities. DESIRE provides the opportunity to make new friends and become part of a growing community of kinky women and invites and encourages participants to fulfill their wildest fantasies.

June 26, 2010
San Francisco Dyke March
San Francisco, CA
Women only • join thousands of dykes of all shapes, colors & sizes for music, marching & more through the streets of the Mission & the Castro.

July 8-18, 2010
Outfest 2010: Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Hollywood, CA
Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, is one of the best queer film fests on the planet. @ weeks of Indy Films.

September 4-6, 2010
Festival of Babes
San Francisco, CA
Women only soccer festival • fun, frivolous & flirtatious soccer tournament • Int’l Babes play hard & party harder.

October 7-9
Sacramento Int’l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Sacramento, CA

November 19-21, 2010
Nia Gathering
Petaluma, CA
Women only • lesbians of African descent gather to reflect on the past & build a positive future.


May 27 - June 5, 2010
Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Hartford, CT

The Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is a fixture in the state’s cultural landscape. The Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival celebrates GLBT films- including a wide range of documentaries, shorts, and full-length feature films- that showcase the richness and creativity of the gay and lesbian culture.


June1- 7, 2010
Disney World Orlando Gay Days
Orlando, FL
Dancing, Rides, Music & More

September 10-12, 2010
Key West, FL
Womenfest Key West includes a sizzling dance club scene, clothing-optional pool parties, sexy & competitive bull riding, women-only water excursions, art, poetry, comedy, and lots of live music! Sit quietly by the pool, hold hands on the beach, or jump uninhibitedly into the mix and make new friends. Womenfest Key West invites you to be yourself. Many events are All Welcome. All events are uniquely Key West.

October 7-17, 2010
Tampa International gay & lesbian Film Festival
Tampa, FL
LGBT Films


May 21-23, 2010
Lickalotta Fest
Dahlonega, GA

Women’s camping & music festival

October 2-8, 2010
Out on Film
Atlanta, GA
LGBT Films


September 15-18, 2010

Chicago, Illinois
Workshops, panels, cinema & concerts featuring groundbreaking women artists.


May 13 - 16, 2010
Saints and Sinners LGBTIQ Literary Festival
New Orleans, LA
Annual queer lit fest for readers and writers alike. Meet some of your favorite LGBT writers, participate in workshops, panel discussions, master classes and more.


September 10 - 12, 2010
Sisterspace Weekend
Darlington, MA
Women's Event


May 6 - 16, 2010
Boston Gay and Lesbian Film and Video Festival
Boston, MA
2010 will be the 26th annual edition of this popular queer film fest, so expect some great events. Many screenings are especially for us girls.

May 21 - 23, 2010

Single Women's Weekend
, MA
If you are looking for a lover, girlfriend, wife, one night stand, new friends or just want to be around a lot of single lesbians and have a ton of fun, GET YOUR SINGLE SELF TO PTOWN and register now for Single Women's Weekend - the fastest, friendliest, easiest, way for you to meet hundreds of other single women!

July 21-25, 2010
GIRL SPLASH!-Women's Beach Extravaganza
Provincetown, MA
Lesbians won't want to miss this summer in Ptown. HOT BEACH PARTIES and even HOTTER DANCE PARTIES! Plus, all-women pool parties, all-women yacht sails, all-women clambakes, all-women Beach volleyball, all-women whale-watching trips, all-women sunset dune tours, you get it - ALL-WOMEN, ALL-WOMEN, ALL-WOMEN, HOT SUMMER FUN!

October 8-17, 2010
25th Annual Women's Week
Provincetown, MA
Visit PTOWN for a week of Lesbian fun!


April 2-4, 2010
Gulf Coast Sister Camp
Ovett, MS
601/ 344-1411
mostly women • a celebration of womyn's land in the South! • 2 1/2 hours from New Orleans, LA • 1 1/2 hours from Mobile, AL • music, crafts, night stage, workshops & more.


Aug 3 –8, 2010
Michign Womyn's Music Festival!
Near Hart, MI
Forty performances, a film festival, an artisan/craft show and a full roster of workshops, parties and dances are all slated for one glorious week in August on 650 lush green acres in Michigan. This year's line-up features Michigan's signature combination of new blood and longtime beloveds, representing every genre and generation through the sounds you hear from the stages as well as from the womyn you meet on the wooded path.


May 18-23, 2010
Midwest Wimmin's Festival
Lake of the Ozarks State Park, MO
Frolicking in the woods of the Ozarks, swimming and boating in the lake,among wimmin and workshops & wilderness.


May 28-31, 2010
Women Outdoors National Gathering
Hancock, NH
Camping, hiking & workshops for women.


September TBA
Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Albuquerque, NM


April 29 - May 2, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
Dinah in Color Does Vegas

The Premiere vacation destination for lesbians of color, their partners and friends. In 2010 Dinah in Color takes its Palm Springs party to LAS VEGAS for a new and fabulous experience!


June 10-13, 2010
private camp, on NY/PA border
856/ 694–2037
women only • women’s spirituality fest

June 12-27, 2010
DLF Deaf Lesbian Festival
Long Island, New York
Arts, Crafts, Dancing, Workshops and much more


July 14-18, 2010
OLOC (Old Lesbians Organizing for Change) Nat’l Gathering
Cleveland, OH
888/ 706–7506
Women only • lesbians 60+ gather for workshops, guest speakers & entertainment to promote old lesbian pride & fight ageism.

Sept. 11, 2010
Ohio Lesbian Festival
Kirkersville, Ohio
The Ohio Lesbian Festival is a SELF IDENTIFIED WOMYN~only event designed to promote a feminist alternative economy and community and to promote womyn in the arts. The festival was founded on the premise THAT LESBIANS AND QUEER WOMYN NEED TO RECOGNIZE AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER, to define our culture, and to build our own support systems.


August 26-29, 2010
Women in the Woods
Salem, OR
Women only • rustic cabins • natural hot springs • all meals included


June 6-14, 2010
Philadelphia GLBT Artists Festival
Philadelphia, PA
The first annual Philadelphia GLBT Artists Festival, organized by Traverse Arts Projects, is a four-day showcase featuring music, dance, theater and visual arts at various venues throughout the city.

June 17-July 2, 2010
Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival
Philadelphia, PA
The Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival gives new and emerging artists a chance to explore the LGBT experience at theaters throughout the city. The performances take place in several of Philadelphia's most cherished theaters.


August 10-15, 2010
RIIF Annual Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Providence, RI


Feb 3-7, 2010
The 22nd National Conference on LGBT Equality:
Creating Change

Dallas, TX
LGBT rights advocates from across the country will be gathering in Dallas to strategize and plan for 2010 and beyond.

October 23, 2010
Houston Women's Festival
Houston, TX

Women from Texas & beyond gather to enjoy music, art, culture & community • produced by the Athena Art Project.


August TBA
Louisa, VA
Twin Oaks Women's Gathering

Camping, Workshops, Dance, Drumming, Swimming, Creative Activities
Performances, Sweatlodge, Mudpit, Movement, Ritual and more.


October 15-24
, 2010
Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Seattle, WA


October 14-23, 2010
Reel Affirmations: The Nation’s LGBT Film Festival
Washington, DC
lesbian/ gay films


July 1-4, 2010

The 35th National Women's Music Festival
Middleleton, Wisconsin

The Festival is a four-day musical and cultural extravaganza that incorporates all facets of women’s lives. It’s a jam-packed long weekend where choices for things to do range from workshops, concerts, comedy, theatre presentations, a marketplace, newly released films and videos, a live auction, spirituality series, writer’s series, animal lovers series, and much, much more!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Peace For Your Deep Seated Longings

By Judy Kinney

Many of my conversations with clients, friends, and colleagues these days revolve around how to respond to an emerging and deep seated wanting. Regardless of the individual desire, each person is tapping into a deeply rooted part of their soul.

If this is true for you, or others in your life, I want you to know that you have lots of company! There are many others who are also exploring how to respond to these seemingly old longings that are popping up now. Many people are asking them self:

  • How do I respond to these longings when I'm already living a full and mostly happy life?

  • Can I trust these longings? and,

  • What is the source of these longings?

These are great questions to ask yourself whenever you find yourself experience an unsettling tug in your life. Because, on one hand, those deep but quiet whispers within you reflect the magnetic pull of your soul's calling. And, on the other hand, your desires can be never ending distractions that keep you from actually enjoying your life.

How do you know which desires are aligned with your soul and which ones are distractions?

Here are a few assumptions that I work with to provide a foundation for welcoming all your desires and longings.

Beneath most of our longings is a deeply rooted desire to belong. Belonging is a bit of a dance because while we are intimately connected to all that is, there is something within each of us that a person or thing can't fully satisfy. I'm sure you've experienced this personal sovereignty if you've ever gotten the relationship, job, or house, that you wanted. You may have relaxed into the moment, opened your heart only to have your peace disrupted as you realize that something is missing.

In contrast, when we live outside the shelter of our intrinsic belonging, we become numb or restless. We spend our time trying to get others or things to fill this unfulfillable gap.That said, here are a couple pragmatic practices or assumptions that allow your soul's callings to surface and other longings to just be.
  • Let yourself want freely. Below I have a set of questions that help you sort out what you want and what you want to do something about.

  • Welcome with an open heart, that as a sovereign being, you have a full and wonderful range of longings that won't be completely satisfied.

  • Recognize that we're all living in unsettled times. Rather than wishing for what was, ask yourself "how do I want to contribute to the world (or my life) today?"

  • Understand that your surest guide is always within you. Spend time daily nurturing your relationship with yourself and the divine/god/source to access the love, safety, freedom, abundance, security, connection, happiness, and peace always residing within you.

  • Your soul loves the dangerousness of growth and a old part of your mind resists change with wily determination. As I've said before, within this dissonance, life becomes art.
Learning to live in this tender but rich zone frees you to discover more about yourself and others. And, isn't this what life is all about?

Adapted from Michael Neill, SuperCoach
The following questions are a great way to let yourself identify ALL the wants and goals that you have floating around in your heart and mind. Pick a topic ~what you want in a new year, love/relationships, a new job, your health or your life in general. Let yourself freely identify what comes you mind.

"Should" Goals
. What goals SHOULD you pursue this year?

Logical "Next Step" Goals. What do you feel are the sensible, reasonable and responsible objectives to go for next?

Deep Wants. What do you want more than anything in the world whether you've said it out loud or not?

Fairy Godmother Wants. What would you want if you could have anything you want and NOT have to do a thing to obtain or keep them?

Happy Wants. What would you want if you knew you wouldn't be unhappy about NOT getting it?

WOW Wants! In the next day or year, what would make you go, WOW!!

It is always great to simply let your self want what you want! If you're ready to take action on your wants, these next questions can help you prioritize and put a plan in place. Go through your list and ask yourself:

Regardless of whether or not I think I can actually have this or not,
do I really WANT it?
  • If your answer was a clear yes, circle your answer.
  • If your answer was a clear no, cross it off.
  • If your answer was ANYTHING but a no-brainer, consider it a no for now.
Now, take only the items that you circled and divide them into your Fairy Godmother list (those items that you want and welcome into your life at ANY time, but that you won't take any action to create) and your Project list (those items that you want and will take action to create.)

Fairy Godmother list
Do something fun with your Fairy Godmother list-put the list in a favorite journal, up on the wall or put the ideas on your vision board.

Project List
Once you have your project list, identify the item that grabs your attention first, and begin there! Enjoy!

Judy Kinney is a Life Coach who specializes in helping lesbian, bi and queer women create the life of their dreams. Check out her new website at

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meg Whitman Promises $100 million to Support Anti-Gay Marriage Prop 8

Equality California just announced that Yes on Prop. 8 supporter Meg Whitman has just wrote a $20 million check to her campaign to become the next Governor of California. She has also said she will spend more than $100 million of her own money to buy herself the job.

But unlike our current Republican governor who has refused to defend Prop. 8 in federal court and who has signed dozens of LGBT rights bills, Whitman has advocated for eliminating our right to marry. If elected, she would likely defend Prop. 8 in court with taxpayer dollars, not to mention what she could do with the stroke of a pen to pro-LGBT bills that pass the legislature.

While it is unlikely we could match her dollar for dollar, we can fight her anti-equality efforts on the ground.

Every dollar you give to Equality California will go directly to help elect 100% pro-equality candidates and stop candidates like Meg Whitman. With the recent election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts — with the financial support of anti-LGBT groups like the National Organization for Marriage — our opponents have renewed vigor to win as many seats as they can across the country to prevent us from ever achieving equality.

Click here to help support EQCA and Marriage Equality today!

Please do what you can and be sure to pass this message on, it is an important one.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Gay Marriage Trial Back Up On YouTube Tuesday - Sort of

After the Supreme Court blocked video broadcast of the federal trial to decide the constitutionality of California's gay marriage ban last Wednesday, John Ireland, a freelance journalist and filmmaker, decided he would produce his own version of the trial and post it on YouTube.

“People want to see this drama unfold and there is a tremendous narrative that was propelled by that first day of testimony,” Ireland told the press. “This is the first time that gay and lesbian people have talked about their lives in federal court. It's historic from that point of view.”

Ireland said he's would be basing his story on the accounts of bloggers who have been and will continue t0 be at the San Francisco trial that started last Monday

“I don't think you have to be gay or lesbian to see that there is a tremendous human story being told but so few people are actually hearing it,” Ireland said.

Ireland filming began over the weekend after casting the trial's main characters. Opening day of the trial is set to air on YouTube this Tuesday, with daily updates starting on Wednesday.

“We've been in a fast and furious process of auditioning yesterday, confirming and booking last night, late into the night, and this morning at 9:30 we were all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and started filming,” said Ireland.

Ireland has a personal stake in the trial. In 2004 he married Duncan Crabtree in San Francisco City Hall after Mayor Gavin Newsom instructed the County Clerk's office to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Newsom's decision began a domino effect that eventually led to voters approving Proposition 8 four years later.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Help with Same-Sex Marriage Engaged Couples Requested

I recently received an email from a University of Virginia Department of Psychology Doctoral Student who is conducting a web-based study of engaged couples and asked if i could help out by posting the following text:

Engaged volunteers needed!

I am looking for volunteers for a study of attitudes towards marriage and parenthood among engaged couples. The study consists of a 25-30 minute online survey. To qualify for the study, you must be 20-35 years old, live in the U.S., and plan to marry or have a commitment ceremony within the next 365 days. You and your romantic partner must not have children, and this must be the first marriage for both of you.

You can:

-Help a doctoral candidate;

-Increase the pool of scientific knowledge;

-Support research on marriage and families; and

-Spend some time thinking about your relationship!

Thank you,

Cristina Reitz-Krueger
Doctoral Student
University of Virginia

I am working with Dr. Charlotte J. Patterson, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia. This study has been approved by the University of Virginia Institutional Review Board #2009025800.

Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep's Lesbian Moment

First, Madonna and Britney Spears, now Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep?

Sandra Bullock planted a wet one on Meryl Streep after she tied for the "Best Actress" win at the 15th annual Critics' Choice Awards Friday night.

After Streep had won her award and was done speaking, presenter Bradley Cooper called the second winner up, Sandra Bullock. After joking that it was "bullshit," Bullock lunged at Streep for an "on the lips" kiss, and then gave a touching speech thanking her director, agents, fellow "Blind Side" cast members and her family.

Bullock ended her speech with, "Meryl is a good kisser."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Details from Day 3 of California Prop. 8 trial

( Mercury News)
9:17 a.m.: Cross-examination of Yale professor
Day 3 of the Proposition 8 trial is rolling with the resumption of testimony from George Chauncey, a Yale history professor and plaintiffs expert on the history of discrimination. He is under cross-examination from David Thompson, a Proposition 8 lawyer who is trying to undercut the professor's testimony that gays and lesbians have been the target of unrelenting discrimination through history, including in modern times. Thompson has asked about television and movies on gays and gay issues, such as the TV show "Will & Grace" and the 1993 movie "Philadelphia." And he is asking Chauncey about presumed improvements in the political arena, with gains in gay rights through ordinances around the country and in the California legislature.

The trial day will be expert-intensive. The plaintiffs will later put on Edmund Egan, chief economist for San Francisco; Ilan Meyer, a mental health expert from Columbia University; and Letitia Peplau, a UCLA expert on the benefits of marriage.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide later today on the issue of broadcasting the trial on YouTube.

9:51 a.m.: Yale professor on hot seat during cross-examination
Yale Professor George Chauncey remains in the hot seat under cross-examination from Proposition 8 lawyer David Thompson. Thompson continues to pound on the theme that gays and lesbians no longer face widespread discrimination, and in fact are gaining in political power. Chauncey is not buying entirely in that argument. "The bottom line is that there has been a significant shift in public opinion toward acceptance of gay rights, correct?" Thompson asked.

"There has been a shift in public opinion and growing support for gay people, and gay people continue to encounter enormous hostility," Chauncey replied.

Interestingly, the Proposition 8 legal team is leaving much of the cross-examination of the plaintiffs experts to Thompson, a studious-looking lawyer in lead attorney Charles Cooper's law firm, Cooper & Kirk. Thompson, in fact, is managing partner in the firm and has no problem questioning academics from the Ivy League: He's a Harvard law grad himself. Thompson is no stranger to conservative legal fights, either. Among other cases, he aided in defending a legal challenge to California's Proposition 209, which banned public affirmative action programs.

10:06 a.m.: Former Miss California Carrie Prejean mentioned
The judge has taken his morning break, but not before the inevitable happened: mention of defrocked beauty queen Carrie Prejean, who drew controversy last year for opposing same-sex marriage. Proposition 8 lawyers played a clip of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom saying Prejean was being unfairly maligned for speaking her mind, planning to question Yale Professor George Chauncey about it. Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, however, agreed with plaintiff lawyers that the line of questioning was irrelevant and spiked the idea of asking Chauncey about the Newsom comment.

Chauncey is close to winding up his stay on the stand.

11:27 a.m.: Yale professor winding down testimony
As Yale Professor George Chauncey winds down his testimony, plaintiff lawyers have decided to roll out some fresh artillery to try to undercut the Proposition 8 legal team's effort to argue that gays and lesbians face a diminishing threat of discrimination. Proposition 8 attorney David Thompson used that approach in cross-examining Chauncey, who now is back under questioning from plaintiffs attorney Therese Stewart.

To set up some questions for Chauncey, Stewart is playing video of a Dec. 1 deposition of William Tam, one of the leading Proposition 8 sponsors and one of the intervenors in defending the law in the federal court case. Tam just last week asked to be let out of the case as a defendant because of concerns he faces threats and harassment from same-sex marriage advocates, and Walker has yet to rule on that attempt.

Tam, in the deposition, describes his role in mobilizing rallies during the Proposition 8 campaign, often through churches, and spurring support for the measure in the Asian-American community.

11:35 a.m.: Letter from Prop. 8 backer likens same-sex marriage to legalizing sex with children
Therese Stewart, San Francisco's chief deputy city attorney, shows Yale Professor George Chauncey a letter authored by leading Proposition 8 backer William Tam during the campaign. Tam likens allowing same-sex marriage to efforts to legalize prostitution and legalizing sex with children. Stewart asked Chauncey if the letter "reflects a lower hostility level" toward gays and lesbians.

"This is consistent in tone with a much larger history of anti-gay rhetoric," Chauncey replied.

A reminder that the plaintiffs have Chauncey on the stand to establish a history of discrimination against gays. The legal importance is for plaintiffs to try to get gays and lesbians deemed a "protected class" that warrants greater protection under the federal constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court has given that status based on race, religion and gender, but not for sexual orientation.

12:15 p.m.: UCLA professor to testify on positives of same-sex marriage
The Prop 8 trial is on lunch break until 1:40 p.m. Yale professor George Chauncey is done testifying after about a full day on the stand. Next up for the plaintiffs is Dr. Letitia Peplau, a UCLA professor being called to testify on the positive benefits of marriage for same-sex couples, and the impact on them of denying the right.

11:54 a.m.: Video of Prop. 8 supporter William Tam played in court
The plaintiffs continue to play the videotaped deposition of William Tam, one of the leaders of the Proposition 8 campaign, as Yale Professor George Chauncey remains on the stand (almost as an afterthought at this point). In the depo, Tam answers a variety of questions about why he opposed gay marriage, including what he perceived as a threat to children. He testified that children would opt to be gay if they know same-sex marriage is permitted. "Since it's in the air, then they think, why not?" Tam said in his deposition.

The plaintiffs are expected to call Tam as a witness in the trial Friday. A thrust of the lawsuit will be an attempt to persuade Walker that Proposition 8 was driven by animus against gays, and Proposition 8 supporters are certain to be grilled on that topic.

1:48 p.m.: Next witness is UCLA prof
The Prop 8 trial has resumed for the afternoon session. Letitia Peplau, a UCLA professor, is taking the stand for the plaintiffs as a social-psychology expert who is expected to testify to the benefits of marriage for same-sex couples.

Meanwhile, everyone is waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide the issue of allowing the broadcast of the trial on the Web. The Supreme Court had stayed Judge Vaughn Walker's order allowing cameras until 1 p.m. today, but that time came and went. The nation's high court apparently moves on its own time.

2:25 P.M.: Supreme Court indefinitely blocks YouTube broadcasts
With a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to keep the Prop 8 trial dark on the Web, rejecting Judge Vaughn Walker's attempt to broadcast the proceedings on the federal court's Web site by using YouTube., as well as allowing it to be circulating for viewing at various federal courthouses around the West. The majority opinion said that Walker and officials with the 9th Circuit Judicial Conference, including Chief 9th Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski, did not follow proper procedures in changing federal court rules that would allow the broadast. The majority stressed that it was not "expressing any view on whether such trials should be broadcast." Justice Stephen Breyer, writing for the four dissenters, decried the decision, saying there was no reason to interfere with the broadcast and that there would not be any harm in allowing the webcast.

Meanwhile, UCLA prof Letitia Peplau, a plaintiffs expert, is testifying on research she says shows that same-sex couples enjoy the same benefits from marriage as heterosexual couples. She also said he will offer an opinion that allowing gay marriage will have no impact on heterosexual marriage.

2:44 p.m.: UCLA prof says 2 percent of marriages would be same-sex
UCLA prof Letitia Peplau has completed her testimony under questioning from plaintiffs lawyers. By trial standards, her testimony moved pretty quickly as she told the judge her opinion that allowing same-sex marriage would not damage the institution, as Prop 8 supporters suggest. She noted that even if gay marriage is allowed, only about 2 percent of all marriages in the nation would be same-sex. "I think it would have no impact on the stability of heterosexual couples," Peplau testified.

Prop 8 attorney Nicole Moss is now cross-examining Peplau. It appears she will question whether there is sufficient evidence to back up Peplau's conclusions about same-sex couples and the importance of marriage to their relationships.

3:36 p.m.: Bizarre exchange of the day
As the Prop 8 trial gets close to the end of the day, bizarre-question exchange of the day just took place. Prop 8 lawyer Nicole Moss was trying to ask plaintiffs expert Letitia Peplau, a UCLA prof, whether gay couples could "accidentally" have children out of wedlock. "If your question is whether two lesbians can, accidentally, spontaneously, impregnate each other, not to my knowledge," she said, prompting laughter in the courtroom. "I would agree that same-sex couples do not have accidental pregnancies."

3:29 p.m.: A closer look at the Supreme Court ruling on broadcasting the trial
A closer look at the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling indefinitely barring any broadcast of the Prop 8 trial shows the difference between the majority and dissenters boiled down to two things. The majority (Justices Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Kennedy and Scalia) concluded that Chief Judge Vaughn Walker did not follow federal law in changing rules to allow cameras in his courtroom for the trial, in large part because they believe he didn't allow enough time for public comment on changes to local federal court rules. And the justices also determined that Prop 8 supporters demonstrated there could be harm to their fair trial rights because certain witnesses could be intimidated by broadcast exposure, reason to keep the stay in place.

The dissenters (Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Stevens) couldn't have disagreed more. They said Walker easily followed the rules, and rejected the idea Prop 8's defense would suffer any harm. They called the decision an unprecedented attempt to "micromanage" a district court's administration.

Same-sex marriage advocates can only hope the justices don't break down along the same party lines if the main issue reaches the high court.

Meanwhile, Letitia Peplau, the plaintiffs expert, is sparring with Prop 8 lawyer Nicole Moss under cross-examination, feuding over data about gay marriage in Belgium.

4:20 p.m.: Day 3 testimony ends
The third day of the Prop 8 trial is in the books. Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker quickly commented on the Supreme Court's order banning broadcast of the trial, suggesting there are issues yet to be resolved as far as posting video of the trial on the federal court Web site. It seemed to be a reference to the fact that Walker's larger plan to webcast via YouTube was never approved by the 9th Circuit's chief judge before an appeal went to the Supreme Court on part of his order, which would have allowed simulcast of the trial to five other federal courthouses. But Walker made it clear he doesn't want the issue to sidetrack the trial.

Meanwhile, UCLA prof Letitia Peplau finished her testimony. Tomorrow's plaintiffs witnesses include Edmund Egan, San Francisco's chief economist, and Helen Zia, a lesbian woman who married before Prop 8 went into effect.

(Read Howard Mintz's recap of the day's proceedings in the Proposition 8 trial later today online on this Web site and in tomorrow's Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune, and other Bay Area News Group papers. Return to this Web site for live coverage of the Proposition 8 trial tomorrow and each and every day court is in session).

21st Annual GLAAD Award Nominees

The GLAAD Media Awards honor the fair, accurate and inclusive representation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives in the media. This year's awards, with 152 nominees in 32 categories, will be split into three ceremonies, held in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco in March, April and June.

"Words and images matter," GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios said in a statement. "With these awards, we seek to recognize news coverage and entertainment programming that go beyond stock stereotypes with LGBT storylines that more fully reflect the challenges gay and transgender people face and the aspirations we hold for ourselves and our families."

Some of the nominees are:

Outstanding Drama Series

  • Brothers & Sisters - ABC
  • Grey's Anatomy - ABC
  • Mad Men - AMC
  • Skins - BBC America
  • True Blood - HBO

Outstanding Film - Wide Release
  • Everybody's Fine - Miramax
  • I Love You, Man - DreamWorks SKG
  • Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire - Lionsgate Films
  • A Single Man - The Weinstein Company
  • Taking Woodstock - Focus Features

Outstanding Film - Limited Release
  • Casi Divas - Maya Entertainment
  • The Country Teacher - Film Movement
  • Little Ashes - Regent Releasing
  • Phoebe in Wonderland - THINKfilm
  • The Secrets - Monterey Media

Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Beautiful People - Logo
  • Glee - Fox
  • GREEK - ABC Family
  • Modern Family - ABC
  • United States of Tara - Showtime

Outstanding Individual Episode in a series without a regular LGBT character
  • "Homeward Bound" - Private Practice (ABC)
  • "Lisa Says" - The Listener (NBC)
  • "Pawnee Zoo" - Parks and Recreation (NBC)
  • "The Real Ghostbusters" - Supernatural (The CW)
  • "Wait and See" - Private Practice (ABC)

Outstanding TV Movie or Mini-Series
  • An Englishman in New York - Logo
  • Pedro - MTV
  • Prayers for Bobby - Lifetime
  • Torchwood: Children of Earth - BBC America

Outstanding Documentary
  • Ask Not - PBS
  • Be Like Others - HBO
  • Derek - The Sundance Channel
  • The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls - Diva Productions
  • U People - Logo

Outstanding Daily Drama
  • All My Children - ABC
  • As the World Turns - CBS
  • Guiding Light - CBS
  • One Life to Live - ABC

Outstanding Music Artist
  • Brandi Carlile - Give Up the Ghost (Sony)
  • Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (Interscope)
  • Gossip - Music for Men (Sony)
  • Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment (19 Recordings / RCA Records)
  • Otep - Smash the Control Machine (Victory Records)

Outstanding Reality Program
  • The Amazing Race 15 - CBS
  • Kathy Griffin: MY Life on the D-List - Bravo
  • Making His Band - MTV
  • The Real World: Brooklyn - MTV
  • RuPaul's Drag Race - Logo/VH1
GLAAD also announced that actress Cynthia Nixon will be honored with the Vito Russo Award, which is named after a founding member of GLAAD and is presented to a gay media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for the gay community. The "Sex and the City" star will accept the special award at a ceremony in New York.

"Cynthia Nixon has been a vocal and visible advocate who has transformed cultural attitudes about our community," Barrios said.

For more information about the GLAAD Media Awards and to see the rest of the nominees, visit their website at

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prop 8 Plantiffs Fight for Right to Marry - Video

Federal Prop 8 trial plaintiffs Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo appeared on the Today show.

First day of court in the federal challenge to Prop. 8

AP News Report:

The case will decide a challenge to California's gay marriage ban that was approved by voters in 2008, and the ruling will likely be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. How the high court rules in the case could set the precedent for whether gay marriage becomes legal nationwide.

"This could be our Brown vs. Board of Education," said former Clinton White House adviser Richard Socarides, referring to the 1954 Supreme Court decision that outlawed racial segregation in schools and other public facilities. "Certainly the plaintiffs will tell you they are hoping for a broad ruling that says that any law that treats someone differently because of sexual orientation violates the U.S. Constitution."

The case marks the first federal trial to examine if the U.S. Constitution permits bans on gay marriages, and the challenge is being bankrolled by a group of liberal Hollywood activists including director Rob Reiner and producer Bruce Cohen.

The judge:Walker

Presiding over the case is U.S. District Court Chief Judge Vaughn Walker, a Republican named to the bench in 1989 by the first President Bush. Walker, who has a reputation as an independent thinker, was randomly assigned the lawsuit, put it on a fast-track to trial and has said he thinks it raises serious civil rights claims. During a pretrial hearing in August, the judge pointedly scolded Schwarzenegger for remaining neutral "on an issue of this magnitude and importance."

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lesbian Sasquatch Art Show

So how could I not blog about a Lesbian Sasquatch Art Show? I mean really, just the idea of it makes me giggle. But I am not making this up, Canadian artist Allyson Mitchell’s exhibition, “Ladies Sasquatch,” opens on January 29th at the Art Gallery of Peterborough, near Toronto, Canada, and it runs until March 7, 2010. There is even talk of a final traveling exhibition.

The Art Show announcement reads:
“Ladies Sasquatch: Allyson Mitchell
Allyson Mitchell’s newest installation presents an epic gathering of figures, each one a monumental symbol of female brains, brawn and sexuality - a community of Lady Sasquatches*! The free standing, sculptural works by this Toronto-based artist marry feminist theory with fun fur. Mitchell symbolizes the mythical feminine as something not easily captured or domesticated, or harnessed to sell, yet undeniably powerful and attractive. Ladies Sasquatch is organized and circulated by the McMaster Museum of Art and Curated by Carla Garnet. ”

Allyson Mitchell is a York University professor in both women’s studies and fine arts, and is known for her large-scale sculptural figures that blend the elements of "feminist theory with neocraft and fun fur."

In a recent interview with Canadian Art editor Richard Rhodes, Mitchell says, “Lady Sasquatch is your dream girl, only bigger and hairier—and she might eat you if you don't look out.”

For more information about Allyson and her work, you can check out her website at

And in the meantime, here are a few more photos of her work...and for those of you who enjoy unique tidbits of information, did you know that Sasquatch is actually plural for Sasquatch?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lesbian Koalas Upstage Tennis Star Andy Roddick

In a recent interview with tennis star Andy Roddick, a camera man quickly finds the background activity to be more compelling then the interview, so much so that at times, the video show's only the tennis star's left shoulder. So what is in the background that is so interesting? The answer is Koalas getting busy in a tree, but not just any Koalas, they happen to both be female.

Brisbane's Lone Pine Sanctuary senior wildlife officer Karen Nilsson said the female koalas, which are normally kept separate from the males, express a readiness to mate by engaging in sex sessions with other females.

"When they are ready to be with a male, one of the things they do to express that is to pretend to mate another female," she said.

"As what happened with Sprite and Saffron, they often start in one position and then swap so they both get a turn."

Ms Nilsson also mentioned that Roddick was lucky that the koalas weren't as vocal as they normally were, and that only two of the koalas were involved.

"If they are all in season we have seen three or four of them together just going for it."

"People think koalas don't do anything but there are heaps of things going on behind the scenes that nobody knows about."

The loved-up koalas have made world headlines, with major British newspapers and American television stations picking up the footage.

You can check the lesbian Koalas for yourself in the video below.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lesbian Heiress Dead at Age 30

Casey Johnson, the lesbian heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune who recently made headlines with her engagement to bi-sexual reality star Tila Tequila, has died at age 30.

Her death was announced by Tila on her Twitter page and confirmed by police.

"Everyone please pray 4 my Wifey Casey Johnson," Tequila wrote "She has passed away. Thank u for all ur love and support but I will be offline to be w/ family."'

Los Angeles police and firefighters were called to a house at 11:51 a.m. Monday. Johnson was thought to have been dead for several days when her body was found.

"It appears to be a natural death," says police Officer Sara Faden. "There's no evidence of foul play. A toxicology report from the coroner's office will proceed next."

Casey had been suffering financial troubles in the months before her death. A celebrity news website claims she was sued last September for failing to make car lease payments on her Porsche Cayenne, which she had tried to hide from the company.

The same site claims she lost a $20,000 lawsuit to a nanny service a few months later.

Johnson leaves behind a young daughter, Ava, with whom she had adopted from Kazakhstan in 2007 and was fighting with her mother over custody of.

Johnson's dad, who friends said is "devastated" by the sudden death of his wild-child daughter, lost his brother Keith to a drug overdose in 1975. He feared the same thing would happen to Casey.

The Johnson family said it was "mourning its tragic loss" and asked for privacy.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Ex-Lesbian Child Custody Case Continues...

If you have been hearing bits and pieces about the "ex-lesbian" child custody case between Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins and have been wondering what the details are, here is a "Reader's Digest" version (Short and sweet) of the events up until now.

The photo to the left is of Janet Jenkins (left), Lisa Miller (Pre-Ex Gay evangelical Christian), and their child Isabella (middle).

Janet Jenkins and Lisa Miller were loving partners and married in a
civil ceremony in Vermont in 2000. In 2002, Isabella, their daughter, was conceived by Miller through artificial insemination. In 2003, Miller ended her partnership with Janet, taking their child with her to Virginia. She then became an evangelical Christian and renounced lesbianism, refusing Jenkins visitation rights, although still demanding child support.

The Virginia and Vermont courts have repeatedly chosen to treat this case as with any other custody battle, despite the fact that Virginia does not recognize same sex "marriage" or "civil unions."

Even though the courts had awarded Janet Jenkins visitation rights, Miller repeatedly failed to allow Jenkins to visit with Isabella, and appealed the decision. After losing several appeals, she continued to disobey the order, and a judge found Miller in contempt of court on November 20, 2009, awarding Jenkins sole legal custody of Isabella.

The child was to be handed over to Janet Jenkins on January 1, 2010, but Miller failed to show up. Miller had reportedly ceased contact with her attorneys as of November 20th when the court order to turn over Isabel to Jenkins was announced.

Jenkins' attorney said, “She's very disappointed, obviously. She's very concerned about Isabella and asks that if anybody sees Isabella, that they please contact the authorities.”

Miller now faces possible criminal charges. Miller's last known address was in Forest, Virginia. It's unclear at this time whether or not police will search for Miller and Isabella, although a warrant for her arrest will likely be issued in Vermont for contempt of court.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year Brings A New Law for Lesbian & Gay Couples in NH

In New Hampshire, Gay and Lesbian couples were lined up outside the state's capital building to marry at midnight on Jan. 2, 2010, when New Hampshire became the fifth US state to allow same-sex marriage.

At midnight on Thursday, same-sex couples in New Hampshire joined Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts and Iowa in their right to marry.

Couples already in civil unions have three options to convert their statuses to marriages. They can have marriage ceremonies, file marriage paperwork with their town clerks to convert their statuses during 2010 or wait until the unions are automatically converted in 2011.

Democratic Gov. John Lynch, who personally opposes gay marriage, signed the legislation after lawmakers passed key language affirming religious rights. The law spells out that churches and religious groups can't be forced to officiate at gay marriages or provide other services.he New Year brought a new law to New Hampshire, where midnight ceremonies took advantage of the fact that gay marriage is now legal in the state. As 2010 dawned, a bill signed last June became law, and the Granite State joined Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Vermont in recognizing same-sex unions. "I’m really glad it happened in our lifetimes," a 38-year-old bride told the Nashua Telegraph. "I didn’t know if it would."

"For all of us, it’s pretty significant,” said one of the new mothers-in-law. “I think it’s the final bridge they have to cross to feel like a family."

Source: Reuters

Quote for the New Year...

Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results. -Anonymous


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