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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Awesome Pre-Holiday Sale on LELO at Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations is having an awesome pre-holiday sale on LELO.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

October is LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month celebrates the achievements of 31 lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender Icons. Everyday in October, a new LGBT Icon is featured with a video, bio, bibliography, downloadable images and other resources.

The LGBT community is the only community worldwide that is not taught its history at home, in public schools or in religious institutions. LGBT History Month provides role models, builds community and makes the civil rights statement of our extraordinary national and international contributions.

For more information visit their website at

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

England & Whales Set to Legalize Gay Marriage

LONDON, July 16 (Reuters) - Gay marriage is to become legal in England and Wales after the lower house of the British parliament approved the final changes on Tuesday to a law that had Prime Minister David Cameron's backing but split his ruling Conservative party.

The law had the support of both Labor and the Liberal Democrats, Britain's two other main political parties, but damaged Cameron's standing within his own party with many of his own lawmakers criticizing him for being too liberal.

His own MPs had previously twice voted against it.

After a two-hour debate, the House of Commons passed the bill, meaning it now only needs to be approved by Queen Elizabeth, a formality.

"The title of this bill might be 'Marriage', but its fabric is about freedom and respect," said Culture Secretary Maria Miller, adding that traditionalists should not feel their concept of marriage had been undermined.

"Freedom to marry regardless of sexuality or gender, but also freedom to believe that marriage should be of one man and one woman, and not be marginalized," she said.

The prime minister personally endorsed the bill to try to show his party was progressive, but that upset some Conservatives who said their Christian beliefs led them to oppose marriage other than between a man and a woman.

Gay couples may already obtain "civil partnerships", conferring the same legal rights as marriage, but campaigners say the distinction gives the impression that society considers gay relationships inferior. (Reporting by William James; Editing by Andrew Osborn and Robin Pomeroy)

Monday, July 1, 2013

BUTCH Voices Seeking Street Team Volunteers in San Francisco Bay Area

Opportunities available with BUTCH Voices: 2013 Street Teams!

Oakland, CA: BUTCH Voices, the organization which will host its third national conference August 15-18, 2013, in Oakland, California, has opportunities for volunteers to distribute flyers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in July.

Volunteers for BUTCH Voices can volunteer in exchange for comped days at the conference and Street Team members can rack up volunteer time before the conference even starts. For four hours of volunteer time, they will give you a one-day ticket to the conference; for eight hours, two days.

It’s a great way to give support and a helping hand to the organization and for anyone who may need a little financial assistance to attend the conference.

BUTCH Voices Street Teams are being formed in Dallas, Seattle, Portland, Toronto, Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Oakland.

People interested in participating in Street Teams should contact the Volunteer Coordinators at Postcard-sized flyers will be provided to you by mail and you must have them distributed by the beginning of August.
BUTCH Voices expects more than 300 attendees for the conference. More information can be found at Further inquiries can be sent to Sinclair Sexsmith, Media Board Chair, at

Contact: Sinclair Sexsmith
Media representative, BUTCH Voices
+1 (917) 475-6316

Friday, June 21, 2013

Expected Suprememe Court Ruling on Prop. 8 and DOMA Next Week

The Supreme Court is expected to rule on Prop. 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by the end of their term next week.

Prop 8 bans same-sex marriage in California; it was approved by voters in 2008 by 52 percent of the vote. It was struck down by a federal judge and if the Supreme Court upholds that decision, same-sex marriage could begin again in California. Justices could also use the case to legalize same-sex marriage across the country.

The High Court could also issue a ruling on the federal Defense of Marriage Act. It's a federal law that defines marriage as being only between a man and a woman. The law prevents married gay couples from receiving a number of federal benefits.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Great News For the LGBT Community in Oregon

This just came out today and I thought I would pass it on...

First step for November 2014 election
This morning, Oregon United for Marriage established a petition committee with the Secretary of State's office with the goal of qualifying the "Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection Initiative" for the November 2014 election. The measure asks voters to make it legal for gay and lesbian couples to marry in Oregon.

"We have worked tirelessly to build support for marriage equality in Oregon, to engage our community and our allies–and now it's time to take the next step in winning the freedom to marry for all Oregonians," says Basic Rights Oregon Executive Director Jeana Frazzini. "Today, we are inviting our partners and supporters to take this next step with us: To sign the sponsorship petition, and commit to uniting Oregon in support of the freedom to marry for all Oregonians."
In 2012, for the first time in history, voters affirmed the freedom to marry at the ballot box in Washington, Maine and Maryland. Voters in Minnesota successfully blocked a constitutional ban on marriage equality. And our country re-elected the first sitting President to endorse the freedom to marry, who then went on to highlight the issue in his inaugural speech.

In Oregon, the only way to amend the state constitution to include the freedom to marry is through a vote of the people. The paperwork filed today creates a sponsorship petition that triggers the ballot title process, the first of several steps to place a measure on the November 2014 ballot.

"Across the country, and right here in Oregon, we are on a journey of understanding. Our awareness has expanded dramatically in the last few years. As more and more people come to understand that committed couples, whether they are gay or straight, hope to marry for similar reasons, they're coming to realize that this is much more than a political issue," says former Governor Barbara Roberts. "This is about love, commitment and family."

"In Oregon, there are certain truths we hold dear. We believe in freedom. In tolerance. In treating others as we would want to be treated ourselves. None of us would want to be told we can't marry the person we love," says Ramon Ramirez, president of PCUN Oregon's Farmworker Union.

Ramirez is one of hundreds of Oregonians who will be signing the sponsorship petition on Valentine's Day,February 14. Volunteers in cities from Portland and Pendleton to Medford and Grants Pass will collect the required first sponsorship signatures to start the ballot title process.

There are fourteen community events statewide, in churches, community spaces, cafes, and student centers. Oregonians can RSVP to attend one of these events at
Please see below for specific information about events open to press.

The day begins with Faith Leaders for the Freedom to Marry breakfast in Washington County, where participants will sign the sponsorship petitions.

"Marriage matters because it's how we define family," says Rev. Tara Wilkins, executive director of Community of Welcoming Congregations and pastor of Bridgeport United Church of Christ. "Many clergy and religious traditions affirm the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples. It's as basic as the Golden Rule: Treating others as one would want to be treated includes allowing civil marriage for gay couples who are truly committed to each other."

Oregon United for Marriage's ballot measure includes clear religious protections. Civil marriage for gay couples does not affect religious marriages, religious institutions or clergy in any way. No religion would be forced to marry same-sex couples, or recognize same-sex marriages within the context of their religious beliefs.

Together with partners, Basic Rights Oregon has built a movement in Oregon that lifts up the courage and diversity of the community. Basic Rights Oregon and Oregon United for Marriage will continue this work to ensure that every loving couple can marry, regardless of gender, as well as strengthen relationships with communities of color, people of faith, and partners all across Oregon. "Now is the time to expand this conversation to unite Oregon in support of the freedom to marry. I'm excited about the opportunity for our stories to be told, our neighbors to be engaged, and new leaders to emerge," Frazzini added.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates Portia De Rossi's 40th Birthday

On Friday, Ellen DeGeneres' wife, Portia De Rossi, turned 40 and Ellen used her opening monologue on her talk show to celebrate her wife with a funny, yet  touching, tribute.
The tribute includes guest appearances from out actor Sean Hayes,  who portrayed Ellen,  while Ellen put on a long blonde wig and portraying De Rossi . Ellen recreated De Rossi's life from birth to career, and even the couple's 2008 wedding, complete with musical accompaniment from Josh Radin. When DeGeneres invited her wife on stage, De Rossi was in joyous tears. 
Check it out...



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