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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Erotic Art

A fellow twitterer recently introduced me to the paintings of Peter Kuntz, an erotic artist that has a fetish for high-booted women...if your interested, take a look at his website, I think you might enjoy it.

The International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce reveals the most gay friendly corporations in the world: BT Group, IBM and The Dow Chemical Comp

The International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (IGLCC) is pleased to unveil the results of the first edition of the International Business Equality Index. The Index is a measurement of the performance of multinational corporations in relation to Diversity and Inclusion issues specifically focusing on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities in the countries where they operate. The leading corporations are BT Group, followed by IBM and The Dow Chemical Company. The announcement was made at a press conference during the closing of the IGLCC Second Annual Congress in Copenhagen.

The corporations participating in this year’s Index are: AMR (the parent company of American Airlines, Inc. and American Eagle), BT Group, Cisco Systems, The Dow Chemical Company, IBM, ING, Intel, KPMG, Kraft Food, Merck, Novartis, Philips, SAP, TNT and UBS. They represent 1.7 million employees in 227 countries and sales of USD 800 Billion a year.

"On behalf of BT, I am absolutely delighted with this recognition" said Ian Livingston, BT's CEO." As one of the largest communication companies in the world, we provide service to customers in more than 170 countries and employ well in excess of 100,000 people across the globe. Diversity must be, and is, at the heart of our business and having the policies and the practices in place to support the LGBT community is essential to our success."

Anne Heal, BT's Senior Champion for Sexual Orientation added, "BT has been providing same-sex partner benefits to employees since the early 1980s and will continue to look at ways in which we can ensure that our people can be 'who they are' at work without fear of discrimination or prejudice. The IGLCC award recognises the efforts of out HR community and our LGBT network, Kaleidoscope, in their determination to ensure that equality of opportunity is reality in our business. I am also delighted."

"The findings of the survey on which the Index is based are somewhat mixed, but definitively encouraging," said IGLCC Secretary General, Pascal Lépine. "The vast majority of respondent corporations have Diversity and Inclusion programs and most explicitly include LGBT issues. We see from this survey that most of these companies take sexual orientation and gender identity matters very seriously. However, full equality is still years or decades away."

While corporations scoring high on the index are powerful examples of how diversity and inclusion programs can be very successful, the 2009 Index findings also point to a darker side: nearly 50% of global corporations participating in the survey do not have any LGBT Diversity & Inclusion managers; openly gay men or lesbians are hard to find among the ranks of management (fewer than one out of ten include gay men or lesbians in more than one of every sixteen countries they have a presence in); and, without regard to the level of internal focus on LGBT inclusion, these multinational companies are not proudly trumpeting their diversity programmes to the general public or the local LGBT communities through advertising or PR. In fact, only a handful of companies support local LGBT communities either through financial or in-kind support.

Despite these negatives, Mr. Lépine is optimistic. "To have such confidence shown towards our community makes me believe that there are still many good chapters to be written in the history of the international LGBT business community. It is especially important in these difficult economic and political times to salute all the participating corporations for their courage and example", he said in today’s presentation. "But," he continued, "we must be realistic and say that, even if today we see promise, there is much more work to be done. Far too often we see and hear of gay and lesbian professionals throughout the world that do not have access to basic employee rights and benefits just because of their sexual orientation", added Mr. Lépine.

The Index is the product of an international committee that includes gays, lesbians and transgender professionals living and working in eight different countries from Europe and North America. The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) and its European Region (ILGA-Europe) have played an instrumental role in the development of the program. "It is obvious that with the impact of globalization the LGBT community has its eyes on what corporations are doing at the international level, not just in one single country", said David Pollard, Chairman of the Index Committee.

"BT Group’s outstanding commitment, policies and investment in LGBT diversity merits them the title of the most LGBT friendly corporation in the world. We challenge all multinationals to follow the example and leadership shown by those who saw a chance to be ahead of the curve. The IGLCC is proud of this historic moment and extends the invitation to all international corporations to participate in next year’s Index", concluded Mr. Lépine.

To download a copy of the Index report, go to:

About the IGLCC

The International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (IGLCC) was founded in 2006 in Hamburg, Germany and is based in Montréal, Canada. IGLCC is the world’s leading international LGBT business network, operating in 15 countries through 17 chambers of commerce and business organizations. IGLCC represents the interests of over 55 million Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) employees, business owners and consumers worldwide.

Just When You Thought The L-Word Was Over...

Jenny is dead, the TV series ended months ago, but like a bad penny...

Will the L-Word be following in the footsteps of TV series like "Charlie's Angels" and "Sex and the City" by being transformed onto the Big Screen?

Ilene Chaiken, creator of the L-word, was at the BlogHer conference this past weekend and when asked "Who killed Jenny?" Chaiken responded that she was in the process of scripting "The L Word" movie, and added that when the movie is made, the issue of who killed Jenny "will be addressed".

Will the movie leave of where the failed L-word spin off started? With Leisha Hailey, who plays Alice Pieszecki, heading to prison for Jenny's murder? I wonder what else is left to write about for these lesbian characters??? Perhaps Ilene will write an entire screen play around who really killed Jenny and why? Hmm.. that sounds familiar... Oh yeah, that was Season 6.

I don't think I can handle any more JENNY, dead or alive!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Gay & Lesbian married spouses in Florida to get AAA discounts

AAA Auto Club South will now allow same-sex married couples to receive spousal discounts under AAA's Associate Membership program, a rights group that advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people announced Thursday.

The company met with members of Equality Florida on Wednesday after the group received calls from gay couples who had been denied family memberships.

"Our policy does include gay and lesbian spouses, wherever they were married. Whether in other states or countries, they qualify," said Tom O'Brien, president and chief executive officer of AAA Auto Club South, in a statement.

Gay marriage is not legal in Florida but has been approved in other states.

"To have AAA South to set a standard for full equality for all married couples, regardless of sexual orientation, is an important message and one we hope other companies will follow," said Nadine Smith, executive director of Equality Florida.

Deirdre Conner/ The Times-Union

Sunday, July 26, 2009

August Lesbian Horoscopes

By Flash Silvermoon

The first day of August is celebrated by many Pagans as Lammas, a Holy Day of Harvest. What are you harvesting this season? The energy of this day will be potentially explosive on a sexual /emotional level with Venus and Pluto in opposition and the Moon conjoining Pluto. Therefore, be aware of how far you let yourself go. A little reckless abandon now and then can be a lot of fun but do at least be honest with yourself and others.

Times of release are very necessary especially when other aspects of life require more austerity to keep a joyful spirit!

Revelry of course is not the only game in town as the summer heat rises. Mars will be in talkative Gemini this month so all manner of communication will be flying around.

I've been talking about the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction for some months and have suggested that this could be causing some of the airline disasters during this time. The aspect is not quite as intense now but it appears to continue to cause delays, broken parts, and out and out crashes often into the water.[Neptune]
Talks of epidemics as well as elevated spirituality and idealistic political visions abound. We will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock .Damn, hard to believe that I was getting soaked while listening to some of the best music ever made sitting amongst rainbow-clad masses holding that vision of Peace and Love - 40 Years ago!

Seems to me that that aspect is bringing some of the inspiration and idealism back into the public theater as we recognize that some of things we just dreamed about then are part of our reality now, and, that's not enough.
With Pluto in earthly Capricorn, we must do more than dream of transformation and evolutionary changes in the socio-economic structure, we must DO IT!

ARIES - I like the sound of "doing it." Always way too much talk and not enough action for me. I may not always stay around for the finish but I am a hell of a good instigator. Quite honestly there is nothing I like better than lighting little and big fires under people for various and sundry reasons.Sometimes its for their own good and sometimes, it's just because I can.Oops just told one of my secrets!

TAURUS - I have to say that I have had a couple of really sensuous months so I am a very happy camper. Now don't misunderstand and make me go camping unless its at the Holiday Inn with a nice jacuzzi.
I am no camper although I might make an exception for a good Music Fest with enough romance. With Venus in Cancer, I might just want to redecorate or find some luscious new recipes to tantalize and seduce. Too hot to work too hard, See ya poolside or at the beach.

GEMINI - I feel like I am running around like a chicken without a head and that's like 2 heads missing in action for me. I haven't been this busy in awhile and I like it. Sort of makes me feel more like me although which me is running the show can be an interesting question for the Ages. Seemed like I was cocooning for a long time and this butterfly is free! Gotta go join Face Book and find everyone I have been missing.

- I'm in the mood for love with Venus in my sign for a change. Although with Pluto coming along for the ride this new and intense vibe may make it more like lust than love and more challenging than I may desire. I think I will give my home and wardrobe a romantic makeover to be ready. A little switch from blues to magenta! It never hurts to visualize getting just what you want when you want it as as long as you are careful what you ask for. If Aphrodite is choosing for you look out!

LEO - The Sun is in my sign, need I say more? I mean I usually have no problem outshining most anyone but this month I just get to Be and I am golden.

I would like to have a better routine and get up with the sun more of the time and maybe I will try to do that this month since it is My Sun but please come with me because i love nothing better than to share. If you find me irresistible so much the better. Don't forget the Coppertone.

VIRGO - So what, who cares if Saturn and I have been tap dancing forever or so it seems. I still can have some fun..can't I? I mean there's only so much organization and planning that one can do before its time for ACTION! Yes it does seem like there are lead weights on my feet but let's just call that working out. It may take more energy to break free of the gravitational pull of my karma these days but I am determined to forge forward with more focus and finesse.

LIBRA - "Moderation in all things including moderation", to quote Confucius. I like that idea but that may make decision making even harder which is not so good as its hard enough for me. Sometimes I want some rules to give me better boundaries than I posses. Of course if those rules feel too stringent, I will break them anyway. Feeling like a walking contradiction lately but by my birthday, it will all balance out I hope.

SCORPIO - I make no pretense about being balanced. I may give it a shot from time to time just to stay grounded enough to bounce to the next intense experience but that's about it. Why stay in the middle when you can walk on the edge? As a dear friend once said, "If you aren't on the edge, you are taking up too much room!" Ah words to live by if you can handle the heat, which I can. Wanna play in some hot water? It's my favorite kind.

SAGITTARIUS - Being free of Plutonic compulsions for the last year or so has left me with a feeling of free flight and sometimes free fall. Mostly I feel great and freer than I remember and yes, "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose." I don't miss my chains one bit though and am still regrouping. Anyone have an extra magic carpet for rent? The way things are going at the airports this mode of travel would be better unless of course I took my broom!

CAPRICORN - Oh my achin' back! Does everything have to fall on my shoulders? OK yes I did ask for more responsibility but which bar stool or dimension was I in when I embraced such foolishness. Actually right about now I would love to embrace a nice vacation and or a good lover. I could meet challenges out of the grind couldn't I? I guess I will find out and hopefully sooner than later.One good thing about this time is that I can really see how far I have come in my journey.

AQUARIUS - Life didn't use to be so damn weird. I mean I am used to weird and unconventional but when everything is shifting in unpredictable ways, it's nice to feel something solid and predictable. I am supposed to be the one who sets that quirky pace and the rest of the world is supposed to just chill and maintain the status quo. That way I can shake it up. When everything feels like some cosmic Cuisinart it can throw even an alien like me off balance and question my version of reality

PISCES -I'd go with the flow if it didn't change so damn much. Which flow? Uranus has been sending shock waves through my pond for a long time and life sometimes resembles Wild Waters rather than the peaceful Piscean pool that I know and love. Body surfing on the Bliss Wave works for me as long as the tide isn't too high dropping me head first on the sand. This actually appeals to my sense of adventure and fantasy as long as my physical form can handle it.

Til next time, find your own Bliss Wave and enjoy with an open heart!
-Flash Silvermoon

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Matthew Shepard Act Passes in Congress

Matthew Shepard was a student at the University of Wyoming who was murdered near Laramie, Wyoming in 1998 for being gay. His murder shocked the nation and spurred activism against anti-gay violence.

Yesterday the Matthew Shepard Act (Hate Crimes Prevention Act) passed in Congress and is now on its way to be signed by President Obama. Once signed, the act will expand the 1969 United States federal hate-crime law to include crimes motivated by a victim’s gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. Basically, it will make it a federal offense to attack someone for his/her sexual orientation, akin to attacking someone because of his/her skin color.

Conservatives who originally opposed the act did so fearing that it would limit free speech regarding homosexuality. They were afraid that making comments stating that homosexuality is immoral would be construed as inciting violence against them.

The act as passed contains the following provision, “Nothing in this Act…shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct protected from legal prohibition by, or any activities protected by the free speech or free exercise clauses of, to the Constitution.” The inclusion of this provision alleviated some concerns regarding the prohibition of speech regarding homosexuality.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Attention all Lesbian Married Couples from California

Here Come the Brides will be an important first-of-its kind book documenting the historical evolution of gay/lesbian marriage and the stories of lesbian relationships with edited oral histories and photos.

They are looking to interview lesbian couples who were married during the short period of time it was legal in California. The interviews will last about 2-3 hours and will be conducted at the convenience of the couple. They want to hear your story!

They are especially interested in finding couples of color or mixed couples, as well as couples who do not live in the Bay Area--but all welcome to contact Nona Caspers at nonacaspers@ or call 415-431-0155.

Nona Caspers is an Associate Professor at San Francisco State University and the author of Heavier than Air and Little Book of Days. Her writing has been honored with a NEA Fellowship and other awards.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lesbian Couple Celebrates their 70th Anniversary

I found this article in the Miami Herold about a lesbian couple celebrating their 70th anniversary and thought I would share with you:

They've been together for 70 years, but this couple had to keep silent about their relationship for decades.

Yes, couples in their 90s still argue occasionally.

This is how it went recently for Caroline Leto and Venera Magazzu as they sipped lemonade on their couch in Dania Beach:

''We're not going to have a party,'' said Magazzu, 97, insisting they are too old for such things.

''Oh yes we are,'' responded Leto, 96, who noted the two can still polka. ``This is a big one.''

Indeed. A party celebrating 70 years together is a big deal for any pair. But a celebration of this couple's love takes on special meaning, considering they had to keep silent about it for decades.

''You just couldn't tell everyone we were lovers,'' said Leto. ``You tell people we're friends, and some thought we were sisters.''

Leto and Magazzu downplay their pioneering role in the gay and lesbian community. But many of their friends and relatives talk it up anyway, marveling at how their love was able to transcend a lifetime's worth of obstacles.

To mark their Aug. 17 milestone, members of Etz Chaim, a gay and lesbian congregation in Wilton Manors, are planning a party. They hope Leto and Magazzu will attend and show everyone how to do the polka.

''Honestly, I think they are more in love with each other than they were back then,'' said longtime close friend and congregation member Gayle Scott. ``Look at straight couples. You are lucky if you are married after seven years. That is an amazing love story.''

In 1939 Leto and Magazzu met at a party in New York. Caroline thought Venera was stylish. Venera thought Caroline was funny.

After a courtship of about a year, Magazzu, a teacher, and Leto, a telegraph operator, moved into a tiny house in New York. They spent most of their lives there, with only close family members and closer friends knowing about their relationship.

Magazzu, a former Army medic, said she often fought the urge to tell others but feared what ''outsiders'' would think. She believes society back then was more receptive to two women living together than two men -- or at least less inquisitive.

''I think most people had their suspicions, but they didn't really make a big deal about it because it was just two women,'' she said. ``They didn't ask, and we just didn't talk about it.''

Leto's niece, Patricia Dillion, said she grew up believing the two were sisters and referred to them as aunts. One day, at a family party, an apparently tipsy Leto let Dillion in on a secret.

''She mentioned they got married,'' said Dillion. ``I was so happy, but then I got sad thinking that all that time they really couldn't be upfront about it.''

In 1996 the couple registered as domestic partners in New York City.

Years later they moved to Florida, where they got more active in the gay and lesbian community, attending rallies and galas and recounting their story. They lead the life of any Florida retiree couple, going on cruises, playing poker on Tuesday nights with friends. At one point, they adopted a pet monkey named Chi-Chi.

In 2006, as age slowed them down a bit, Magazzu put their story in a self-published book called An Unadulterated Story: Young and Gay at 90.

During a reporter's recent visit, the two quibbled over where they had last seen a copy. Magazzu insisted it was in a bedroom. Leto said she saw it in the trunk of their car.

''OK, so if you know where everything is, then you look for it,'' Magazzu huffed as she turned her head toward the kitchen.

Leto smiled. ``Cute, isn't she?''

By Ihosvani Rodriguez
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Prism Comics Announces Comic-Con Plans, Panels & More

Prism Comics, which supports LGBT comics, creators, issues and readers is excited to announce its biggest slate of programming ever at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International (July 22-26, 2009), featuring four panels, a mixer and silent auction, creator signings, portfolio review, “Young Heroes” party, and the debut of the new Prism Guide! "San Diego Comic-Con continues to be the best way for Prism to reach the LGBT comics audience,” said Ted Abenheim, Event Chair of Prism Comics. "Our presence has had a small but significant influence on the comics industry and it’s gratifying to see."

Prism kicks off its schedule highlighting the biggest LGBT-related comic book event of the year—the arrival of Batwoman and The Question as co-lead features in DC Comic’s namesake book, Detective Comics.

Thursday, July 23, 4:00-5:00pm - The first panel, “Tipping Point for LGBT Portrayals in Comics” asks if the arrival of Batwoman and The Question in Detective—the first time any lesbian characters have headlined a mainstream publisher’s comic book—is an isolated event or a tipping point in the acceptance of LGBT characters. David Stanley (Prism Co-President) moderates with panelists Greg Rucka (Detective Comics), Marc Andreyko (Manhunter), Judd Winick (Pedro and Me), José Villarrubia (The Mirror of Love), Scott Allie (editor, Dark Horse Comics, Buffy Season 8), Mimi Cruz (retailer, Night Flight Comics, Salt Lake City, UT), Perry Moore (Hero) and Matt Wagner (The Aerialist). Room 32AB.

Friday, July 24, 11:30am-12:30pm - The second panel “True Confessions: LGBT Slice-of-Life Comics” explores the coming of age of LGBT autobiographical comics (shown by the success of Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home). But telling the truth is as much art and craft as it is confession. Join moderator Roger Klorese (Prism’s Publication Chair) with panelists Lee Marrs (The Further Fattening Adventures of Pudge, Girl Blimp), Ariel Schrag (Likewise), Jeff Krell (Jayson Goes to Hollywood), Robert Triptow (Gay Comix), and Justin Hall (True Travel Tales). Room 10.

Saturday, July 25, 4:30-5:30pm - The third panel “Love is in The Air: LGBT Romance Comics” focuses on LGBT creators inspired by but moving beyond the boy-girl romance comics of yesteryear. Join moderator Charles “Zan” Christensen (Mark of Aeacus and Prism's founder and Web Chair) with panelists Terry Moore (Strangers In Paradise), Tim Fish (Cavalcade of Boys), Mari Morimoto (Naruto), Steve MacIsaac (Shirtlifter), Colleen Coover (Small Favors), and Michelle Nolan (Love on the Racks: A History of American Romance Comics). Room 30AB.

Saturday, July 25, 6-7:30pm - The fourth panel is the long-running "Gays in Comics: Year 22!" Founding moderator Andy Mangels (best-selling author of Star Trek novels and Iron Man: Beneath The Armor), presents an all-star look at the diversity in the comics world today with Greg Rucka, Phil Jimenez (The Amazing Spider-Man), Gail Simone (Wonder Woman); Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Marvel Divas), Peter David (Fallen Angel), Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf), Perry Moore and Sina Grace (Books with Pictures). Room 6DE.

Mixer and Silent Auction
Following the “Gays in Comics” panel, Prism hosts its Gays in Comics Mixer and Silent Auction from 7:30-8:30pm. Mingle with comics' writers, artists and fans, plus stay for the special drawing of a "Comics Gift Basket" and the silent auction of hot comics items! All proceeds benefit Prism Comics. Room 6A.

Prism Booth – Signings and Booth Partners
The Prism booth (#2146)—thought of as the LGBT epicenter of Comic-Con—is partnering with individual creators Jeff Krell, Justin Hall, Charles “Zan” Christensen, Ed Luce, Steve MacIsaac, and Sina Grace who will exhibit their comics and meet their fans at our expanded space. Prism will also present nonstop signings with creators including Ariel Schrag, Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages), Greg Rucka, Perry Moore, Eric Schlegel (Skipping Out) and many others, plus an appearance by everyone’s favorite superhero team, Lucky Legendary! Pick up The Gay Agenda at the booth and also check for the most updated schedule.

And if you really want to be part of the action, volunteer to work at the Prism booth and meet your faves up close! Just email

Portfolio Review
After the overwhelming success of portfolio review last year, Prism is proud to offer it once again this year with Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex, Countdown), Phil Jimenez, Bob Schreck (Editor at Dark Horse, Oni Press, DC), Georg Brewer (DC Direct), Colleen Coover, and José Villarrubia who will critique the work only of those interested in applying for this year's Queer Press Grant (established by Prism to encourage new LGBT talent). Before attending the sessions, applicants are required to read QPG guidelines available at Very few sessions are available so check at and the Prism booth to ensure you get your portfolio reviewed by some of the best professionals working in the field.

New Prism Guide
Debuting at Comic-Con is the 2009-2010 Prism Guide, with fab flip-covers by Stephen Sadowski and Megan Rose Gedris. This jam-packed resource guide features an extensive “Queer Year in Review”; profiles of Howard Cruse, Queer Press Grant winner Pam Harrison, and Wuvable Oaf; plus Anton Kawasaki, Glamazonia, Queer Eye on Comics and much more! All for a recession-friendly price of $3.99!

On Friday, July 24, from 9:00pm to 1:00am, party with Prism at “Young Heroes”! For the 5th year, Prism, Ned Cato, Jr. and Rich’s bring you another super-powered evening with Go-Go dancers, drink specials, and events galore including the annual Superhero Costume Contest with cash and prizes totaling $200 and more! Categories will include Sexiest, Best Costume, Best Body, Most Original and Crowd Favorite! Have your picture taken at the photo booth with your favorite Young Hero! Mingle with special guests and superheroes in the VIP Young Heroes Creators lounge. Get your face and body painted by our expert Makeup artist. Help Prism Comics and Lucky Legendary with the Power Hour Jello Body Shot fundraiser. Special guests include award-winning artist Joe Phillips, artist J.J. Kirby, Captain Rich's and Twink Boy, plus surprise guests. Come in costume and get in free until the costume contest, or show your Comic-Con badge and get a discount off the cover charge at the door. Rich's Dance Club is located at 1051 University Avenue, San Diego, CA (619) 295-2195, For all the latest information, keep checking back at

Prism Comics is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered) creators, characters, themes and readers in the comic book field. Along with convention appearances, Prism publishes an annual guide to LGBT related comics, and maintains a website with LGBT creator profiles, web comics and features on all that’s queer in comics. For more information, go to

For further information contact David Stanley at or stop by the Prism booth during the con.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The New "Yes on Gay Marriage" Video

Yes On Gay Marriage has been making great strides in their efforts to establish equal rights for the LGBT community. They have been to several Pride events around the United States this summer delivering their message and hearing what others had to say. The overwhelming support that they received was phenomenal.

Everywhere they went people were saying it without reservation and with passion. They knew they had to record the energy that people had for this cause. During San Francisco Pride they took a Video Camera around and asked people to declare, “I Say Yes On Gay Marriage.”

Watch the video and know that we are not alone in our convictions. There are millions of people just waiting to be heard.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Get a Good Response From Your Lesbian Online Personal Ad

A friend of mine recently asked me for some help with writing an online personal ad for a lesbian dating site she joined. I gave her a few tips and then I remembered I had written an article about just that subject a while back. Since I figured it is probably a subject that others may be interested in as well, I thought I would re-post it, with a few updates.

Creating an online personal ad doesn't have to be brain surgery, but it does require a little time and effort, if you want to get a response.

Here are a few tips to help you get through it:

  1. Find a Lesbian Online Dating site: For many of us this step may be the easiest part, but for those not so familiar with the Internet, you may need a little help.

    There are actually quite a few lesbian dating sites on the Internet, so you may want to take a look at a few of them before you decide where you want to place your personal ad. Some lesbians choose to list themselves on as many sites as possible, while others choose to stick to only one or is really your choice.

    Some of the more popular lesbian dating sites are:, ,, and, those should get you started.

  2. Photos: Having at least 1 recent photo (preferably more) on your ad is essential to getting a good response, especially since it is usually the first thing people see when browsing through an online personal website.

  3. Headline: Along with a photo, you will need to come up with an interesting or eye-catching headline. Go ahead and be creative, but try to avoid clichés, no matter how much you are lacking in inspiration. Sometimes the best headline can be a question, something that invokes a response or involves the reader just enough to want to read more about you.

  4. Be honest: Although it isn’t necessary to mention every one of your flaws, be honest when writing your personal ad. If you mention you are looking for someone who is honest, and then lie about your weight, education, profession, etc., your first dates aren't going to go very well.

  5. Focus on the positive: Write about the qualities you are looking for in a relationship or the characteristics you value in others. There is no need to mention all of the things you don't want, that can be a turn-off.

  6. Be Yourself: Try to write your ad as if you were having a normal conversation. If you can write the way you speak, others will get a better sense of your personality. Even a humorous personal story can give the reader more insight into your life.

  7. Be creative: Many people write about how much they like walks on the beach, candlelight dinners or cuddling on the couch. Try to be a little more unique, talk about something different. Maybe you just returned from a scuba diving trip in Australia, or perhaps you speak a second language. These are things that will make you stand out from everyone else.

  8. Be Clear: Are you looking for a relationship or are you just looking to date? Are you okay with dating someone who has kids? Try to be specific about what you are looking for, it will help to eliminate potential disasters later.

  9. Check for Errors: Check your ad for spelling and grammatical errors, even if it means typing your ad out in a Word document first, so that you can run the spell check.

  10. Update your ad: Keep your personal ad up-to-date. If you change your hairstyle, post a new photo. If your headline mentions water skiing and it is December, you may want to change that as well. And when you do met someone special, go ahead and take you ad off the site, just so that other single lesbians aren't contacting you hoping that you're still available.

And one last bit of advice: Be Cautious!!! Be sure to keep a certain level of anonymity when you first meet someone on the Internet. Never offer your personal information (phone number, address, or e-mail) to anyone right away. That way you have a layer of protection while getting to know each other, and it gives you time to judge whether you would be comfortable speaking on the phone or meeting in person.

Most lesbian dating sites are free to join, so what are you waiting for???

Washington D.C. Now Recognizes Gay Marriage

The SF Chronicle announced yesterday that a law recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states and nations went into effect on Tuesday in the U.S. Capital, while a D.C. councilman said he plans to propose a measure allowing same-sex marriage ceremonies in the district.

The bill was approved 12-1 by the D.C. Council in May. Congress, which has the final say over the city's laws, had 30 days to review the legislation. It took no action, and the bill became law.

"I certainly believe that the fact that we got here is a great victory, that we survived the congressional layover period," said D.C. Council member David Catania, who plans later this year to introduce a bill allowing same-sex marriages to be performed in Washington.

"It feels good," said Julie Verratti, 29, a D.C. resident law student who married her partner last year in California. "It's a step in the right direction."

Under the law, gay and lesbian couples married in other jurisdictions are afforded the same benefits and rights as other married people under D.C. law. The law recognizes legal, same-sex nuptials in other nations as well as an estimated 18,000 such marriages that took place in California - such as Verratti's - before voters there approved a gay marriage ban in November.

Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire allow same-sex marriage. New York recognizes gay marriages performed in other states.

During the congressional review period, some opponents of the D.C. legislation sought a referendum on the matter that was rejected by the D.C. elections board.

Opponents later filed a lawsuit against the city, challenging the elections board decision and seeking a stay on the bill's implementation. The suit was dismissed last month.

Source: SF Chronicle

Sunday, July 5, 2009

FABULOSA FEST 2009 Women's Festival

FABULOSA FEST 2009 - Women's Music, Comedy, Craft & Healing Arts - July 17-19 in Guerneville, CA!

FABULOSA Fest is a radical fund-raising festival that happens every year in Guerneville, CA. We celebrate Women's MUSIC, FILM, COMEDY, CRAFT AND HEALING ARTS. All women and friends are invited to attend and participate in this precious, sister-focused, community gathering! Our collective distributes all proceeds to LGBTQ-oriented charities that serve communities in Guerneville, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Sacramento and beyond.

The FABULOSA Day Concert line-up is mind-blowing this year! Check it out: beloved Bay Area sister and lead singer and percussionist of the Tonight Show band Vicki Randle, Texas Music Hall-of-Fame'r Gretchen Phillips, the heart-throb of the NW Riot Grrrl scene Kaia Wilson (of the Butchies, Team Dresch), the lovely and soulful Judea Eden, the enchanting Raks Rosa Dance Company, last year's favorite blues duo WILDSANG, up and comers on the touring circuit like Leyna Noel and the Finer Things, Jenny Hoyston (of Erase Errata), Audrey Howard and The Misters (presenting a rare acoustic set), Yes Alexander, Jo Boyer, Elin Jr and Trusting Lucy, plus favorites like the Shelley Doty Xtet, Blair Hansen, Lynn Bobby, (Jackie Strano's new group) Motherlode, Clair and Liquid Girlfriend! We've also got DJ Sisters (Soul'd Out), DJ Venus in Furs (Sardines!), DJ Pink Lightning (Stay Gold) and DJ Just Jillin' (Soul'd Out) lined up poolside and at the after-show parties. Talk about good times!

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in this amazing event!

FABULOSA Fest - July 17-19th, 2009
On The Russian River in lovely downtown Guerneville, CA!
Live Outdoor Concerts, DJ and Pool Parties, Independent Short Film Exhibition, Artisan Crafts Fair

Come join us under the California Redwoods on the beautiful Russian River!

FABULOSA Fest 2009 tickets are on sale now! See our ticket page for info. We strongly encourage you to buy TICKETS and reserve rooms and campsites NOW. There is a marathon happening that weekend as well and it's going to be "cracking" in Sonoma County.

FRIDAY, July 17, 2009

6pm-10pm Opening Night Concerts and Reception (ALL AGES) with Cash Bar, Smile Exchange on THE LAND (16590 Highway 116 Guerneville, CA 95446)

10pm-2am Casual Encounters Dance Party (21+) with Cash Bar and Cruising at BUCKS (16440 4th Guerneville, CA 95446)

Live performances at the Opening Night Concerts and Reception by...

SATURDAY, July 18, 2009

12 Noon-10:30pm FABULOSA All-Day CONCERTS, CRAFT and HEALING ARTS FAIR and Pool Party (ALL AGES) with cash bar and BBQ on THE LAND (16590 highway 116 Guerneville 95446).

10pm-2am Fabulosa Oldies Soul Crush Dance Party (21+) with DJ Just Jillin', DJ Pink Lightening and more!

Live performances by...


Ferron's agent has contacted us. She is apparently in need of a medical procedure that may jeopardize her Fabulosa Fest appearance. We are waiting to hear more details and will share them a.s.a.p.

Though out and proud as a lesbian since her teens, Gretchen Phillips has always reached beyond her natural constituency to make music for everyone. Her projects, including college radio darlings Two Nice Girls, have spanned the genres of folk, rock, country, gospel, punk and her own idiosyncratic take on the singer-songwriter form. Gretchen has blazed a twenty year trail of uncompromising personal artistry and openhearted musical communion.


Kick off their US tour (in support of their 4th album) on the FABULOSA Main Stage on Saturday. Leyna’s potent, emotionally-charged songs draw on her nomadic childhood experience on the auto racing circuit (no lie), and her advanced studies in electro-acoustic composition and theory at Mills College. The Finer Things line up currently features Erase Errata’s drummer Bianca Sparta and the son

Table Tennis AmPro and hunky butch heartthrob Kaia Wilson graces the FABULOSA Main Stage Sunday concert with her sweetly crafted love songs for all creatures great and small. Wilson, known also for her band the Butchies and as the lead guitarist for the Amy Ray Band, shares her beloved solo craft with festers Sunday afternoon around 4:30pm.

Rolling Stone, Spin and other giants of music journalism world-wide sang the praises of Jenny Hoyston’s latest solo release Isle Of, but she is probably best known around the globe as the singer and guitarist of the progressive Jazz-Punk trio Erase Errata. Thumb piano, banjo, drum machine and guitar usually accompany Jenny’s uniquely pleasing and hypnotic songs.


Comedic duo Carole & Mitzi will just be returning from the Women’s Safe Space for Comedy Jam in Sammamish, Washington (where they encountered surprising bonus success “busking” outside the local Curves for Women fitness center). They will entertain FABULOSA Fest with their honed feminist comedy and hopefully take their clothes off!


Shelley Doty makes poignant music for today by infusing her creations with the Rock, R&B, Jazz and Funk of her youth. She sings and plays the guitar with jubilant imagination and freshness and masterfully brings her songs to life with her ensemble, Shelley Doty Xtet, on the FABULOSA Main Stage on Saturday.


Is truly pushing the limits of vulnerable. Points would have to be given for soul-baring but the amazing voice and careful finger-picking are what will have you hanging on her every dreamy phrase.


In a world still awfully soaked in double-standards, bigotry and closed-mindedness, Blair Hansen is doing her part to spread the word of love, peace and hope through song.


We are so happy to have Liquid Girlfriend open our Saturday Main Stage concerts!

AND Fabulosa Fest Short Film Festival, 8:30-10pm on the LAND (16590 highway 116 Guerneville 95446)

AND Oldies Soul Crush dance party at BUCKS (16440 4th Guerneville 95446), featuring DJ Pink Lightning (Stay Gold), DJ Just Jillin (Soul'd Out) and DJ Sisters! 10:30-2am, 21+

SUNDAY, July 19, 2009

Fabulosa All-Day Concerts and Pool Party, 11am-7pm, CRAFT FAIR, All Ages, Cash Bar, Live performances by...

Legendary Tonight Show bandmember Vocalist, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Vicki Randle is one of the most visible and hard working musicians in America. For 14 years Vicki has been the lead singer and percussionist of the acclaimed Tonight Show Band, playing the diverse and eclectic mix of styles that makes the band so unique. She is a music industry legend and, as the headliner of our FABULOSA Main Stage Sunday concert, she will show you why!

San Francisco underground scene favorites Audrey Howard and the Misters perform tight-knit rock, driven by Audrey’s mind-blowing, real life guitar hero “riffage.” As a special treat for their fans at FABULOSA Fest they are playing a special, stripped down and mostly acoustic set!


Powerhouse vocalist Judea Eden possesses a raw sincerity that has made her an icon of the San Francisco music scene for decades. From the Monterey Pop Festival and SF Gay Pride to the coffee house and underground circuits, Judea has delighted audiences large and small with her original blues and jazz influenced rock n'roll.

Yes Alexander sings and plays guitar in the indie folk rock band, The Casual Lust and is the haunting vocalist on last year’s critically acclaimed album by Bay Area trip hop DJs Blue Sky Black Death. Yes will be giving a rare solo performance at FABULOSA Fest 2009!

Songwriters Linda Arceo and Lisa Long form the amazing folk duo Trusting Lucy, whose soulful harmonies are reminiscent of the Wilson sisters and the Indigo Girls. We love it! We’re happy to have Trusting Lucy play on our FABULOSA Main Stage Sunday afternoon.

Maria Stanford, Jean DuSablon, Shelley Doty and Mark Abbot make up Clair. This new combo of seasoned Bay Area rock and jazz musicians opens our FABULOSA Main Stage Concerts on Sunday and is sure to get you moving!

The lovely and talented Lynn Bobby graces our FABULOSA Main Stage with a rare solo performance Sunday afternoon. Known around the Bay as the front person for the Lynn Bobby Band, her music treads the line between folk and country and will grab your heart from the get-go.

Classically trained guitarist and singer Elin Jr is compact, quirky and seriously talented. Elin keeps things interesting, adding drum loops and guitar layers behind her compositions, and switches things up here and there with her Ukulele.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dukakis and Fricker to Star as Lesbian Couple in "Cloudburst"

Oscar winners Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker are teaming up for a road-trip comedy called "Cloudburst,"

Dukakis and Fricker will play a lesbian couple, together for 30 years, who break out of a nursing home where one of them has been committed. They head to Canada to get married, picking up a young male hitchhiker along the way.

Thom Fitzgerald, who worked with Dukakis on the films "The Event" and "3 Needles," is writing and directing the feature for Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.

Production is expected to begin month in Nova Scotia.

Dating Tips for Single Lesbian Moms

When you’re a single lesbian mom the idea of dating can seem overwhelming. Wondering if you will be able to find someone who will be okay with your children. Wondering how your children will feel about the women you date. Questioning how soon you should introduce your kids to the woman you are dating. These are all common questions lesbian moms who decide date will often deal with. And unfortunately, there are no easy answers, however here are some tips that can help guide you through the process of dating as a lesbian mom.

  1. Be honest with the women you are dating. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, it is essential that you are honest. In fact, you should let your date know about your children as soon as possible, whether that mean through an email or on the phone, let them know before you meet them in person. Some women have no interest in dating women with children, especially young children who live at home. While this fact is a hard one to face, it is best to find out as soon as possible how they feel about kids, so that you’re not wasting your time or hers. There is no point in developing feelings for someone who might ultimately reject you simply because you have kids.

  2. Be honest with your children. If your children are old enough to understand, and your goal is to find a long-term lesbian relationship, then it is important to let your children know you are dating. This doesn’t mean you have to introduce your children to every woman you go out with, but attempting to hide the fact that you are dating from your children will only feel like a betrayal to your children in the long run.

  3. Dating other lesbian moms. If the woman you're dating happens to also have children, it can make the entire dating process much easier, especially where the kids are concerned Other lesbian moms will be more understanding about planning activities and events that include the kids. This can give the children a feeling of being included, and you can figure out early on whether or not your kids will like your date or her kids will like you. Also if your partner has children, introducing them to each other can be fun, especially if they are close in age.

  4. Dating lesbians without children. If the woman you are dating is not a parent, as soon as both of you feel like the relationship might be going somewhere, introduce her to your children. Many moms choose to wait months before they introduce their potential partner to their children, meanwhile developing strong feelings for each other, only to find out the kids and the new partner have are unable to get along, which will likely break up the relationship. If the goal is to eventually share your life and home with your partner, it is essential that everyone gets along or at least be willing to try. Finding out the compatibility issues sooner, rather than later, can save a lot of unnecessary heartache.

  5. Allow for an adjustment period. Lesbian relationships with children are not much different from heterosexual relationships, often one or both partners have kids from a previous relationship. And while young children tend to adapt to a new partner rather quickly, older children, especially teenagers, can take a bit longer to adjust. Preteens and teens tend to dislike anyone that you bring home, simply because they are jealous of the time and affection you are giving to this new person.
A common concern that many lesbian moms who date face is what if the children get attached to a partner and/or therr children, and then the relationship dissolves. Although these things do occur and can be very painful for everyone involved, it is a risk that needs to be taken in order to find a healthy, lasting relationship. There are no guarantees in any relationship, but with a little willingness and a lot of commitment, you can find happiness with a partner that both you and your children will love.


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