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Sunday, July 26, 2009

August Lesbian Horoscopes

By Flash Silvermoon

The first day of August is celebrated by many Pagans as Lammas, a Holy Day of Harvest. What are you harvesting this season? The energy of this day will be potentially explosive on a sexual /emotional level with Venus and Pluto in opposition and the Moon conjoining Pluto. Therefore, be aware of how far you let yourself go. A little reckless abandon now and then can be a lot of fun but do at least be honest with yourself and others.

Times of release are very necessary especially when other aspects of life require more austerity to keep a joyful spirit!

Revelry of course is not the only game in town as the summer heat rises. Mars will be in talkative Gemini this month so all manner of communication will be flying around.

I've been talking about the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction for some months and have suggested that this could be causing some of the airline disasters during this time. The aspect is not quite as intense now but it appears to continue to cause delays, broken parts, and out and out crashes often into the water.[Neptune]
Talks of epidemics as well as elevated spirituality and idealistic political visions abound. We will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock .Damn, hard to believe that I was getting soaked while listening to some of the best music ever made sitting amongst rainbow-clad masses holding that vision of Peace and Love - 40 Years ago!

Seems to me that that aspect is bringing some of the inspiration and idealism back into the public theater as we recognize that some of things we just dreamed about then are part of our reality now, and, that's not enough.
With Pluto in earthly Capricorn, we must do more than dream of transformation and evolutionary changes in the socio-economic structure, we must DO IT!

ARIES - I like the sound of "doing it." Always way too much talk and not enough action for me. I may not always stay around for the finish but I am a hell of a good instigator. Quite honestly there is nothing I like better than lighting little and big fires under people for various and sundry reasons.Sometimes its for their own good and sometimes, it's just because I can.Oops just told one of my secrets!

TAURUS - I have to say that I have had a couple of really sensuous months so I am a very happy camper. Now don't misunderstand and make me go camping unless its at the Holiday Inn with a nice jacuzzi.
I am no camper although I might make an exception for a good Music Fest with enough romance. With Venus in Cancer, I might just want to redecorate or find some luscious new recipes to tantalize and seduce. Too hot to work too hard, See ya poolside or at the beach.

GEMINI - I feel like I am running around like a chicken without a head and that's like 2 heads missing in action for me. I haven't been this busy in awhile and I like it. Sort of makes me feel more like me although which me is running the show can be an interesting question for the Ages. Seemed like I was cocooning for a long time and this butterfly is free! Gotta go join Face Book and find everyone I have been missing.

- I'm in the mood for love with Venus in my sign for a change. Although with Pluto coming along for the ride this new and intense vibe may make it more like lust than love and more challenging than I may desire. I think I will give my home and wardrobe a romantic makeover to be ready. A little switch from blues to magenta! It never hurts to visualize getting just what you want when you want it as as long as you are careful what you ask for. If Aphrodite is choosing for you look out!

LEO - The Sun is in my sign, need I say more? I mean I usually have no problem outshining most anyone but this month I just get to Be and I am golden.

I would like to have a better routine and get up with the sun more of the time and maybe I will try to do that this month since it is My Sun but please come with me because i love nothing better than to share. If you find me irresistible so much the better. Don't forget the Coppertone.

VIRGO - So what, who cares if Saturn and I have been tap dancing forever or so it seems. I still can have some fun..can't I? I mean there's only so much organization and planning that one can do before its time for ACTION! Yes it does seem like there are lead weights on my feet but let's just call that working out. It may take more energy to break free of the gravitational pull of my karma these days but I am determined to forge forward with more focus and finesse.

LIBRA - "Moderation in all things including moderation", to quote Confucius. I like that idea but that may make decision making even harder which is not so good as its hard enough for me. Sometimes I want some rules to give me better boundaries than I posses. Of course if those rules feel too stringent, I will break them anyway. Feeling like a walking contradiction lately but by my birthday, it will all balance out I hope.

SCORPIO - I make no pretense about being balanced. I may give it a shot from time to time just to stay grounded enough to bounce to the next intense experience but that's about it. Why stay in the middle when you can walk on the edge? As a dear friend once said, "If you aren't on the edge, you are taking up too much room!" Ah words to live by if you can handle the heat, which I can. Wanna play in some hot water? It's my favorite kind.

SAGITTARIUS - Being free of Plutonic compulsions for the last year or so has left me with a feeling of free flight and sometimes free fall. Mostly I feel great and freer than I remember and yes, "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose." I don't miss my chains one bit though and am still regrouping. Anyone have an extra magic carpet for rent? The way things are going at the airports this mode of travel would be better unless of course I took my broom!

CAPRICORN - Oh my achin' back! Does everything have to fall on my shoulders? OK yes I did ask for more responsibility but which bar stool or dimension was I in when I embraced such foolishness. Actually right about now I would love to embrace a nice vacation and or a good lover. I could meet challenges out of the grind couldn't I? I guess I will find out and hopefully sooner than later.One good thing about this time is that I can really see how far I have come in my journey.

AQUARIUS - Life didn't use to be so damn weird. I mean I am used to weird and unconventional but when everything is shifting in unpredictable ways, it's nice to feel something solid and predictable. I am supposed to be the one who sets that quirky pace and the rest of the world is supposed to just chill and maintain the status quo. That way I can shake it up. When everything feels like some cosmic Cuisinart it can throw even an alien like me off balance and question my version of reality

PISCES -I'd go with the flow if it didn't change so damn much. Which flow? Uranus has been sending shock waves through my pond for a long time and life sometimes resembles Wild Waters rather than the peaceful Piscean pool that I know and love. Body surfing on the Bliss Wave works for me as long as the tide isn't too high dropping me head first on the sand. This actually appeals to my sense of adventure and fantasy as long as my physical form can handle it.

Til next time, find your own Bliss Wave and enjoy with an open heart!
-Flash Silvermoon

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