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Sunday, July 5, 2009

FABULOSA FEST 2009 Women's Festival

FABULOSA FEST 2009 - Women's Music, Comedy, Craft & Healing Arts - July 17-19 in Guerneville, CA!

FABULOSA Fest is a radical fund-raising festival that happens every year in Guerneville, CA. We celebrate Women's MUSIC, FILM, COMEDY, CRAFT AND HEALING ARTS. All women and friends are invited to attend and participate in this precious, sister-focused, community gathering! Our collective distributes all proceeds to LGBTQ-oriented charities that serve communities in Guerneville, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Sacramento and beyond.

The FABULOSA Day Concert line-up is mind-blowing this year! Check it out: beloved Bay Area sister and lead singer and percussionist of the Tonight Show band Vicki Randle, Texas Music Hall-of-Fame'r Gretchen Phillips, the heart-throb of the NW Riot Grrrl scene Kaia Wilson (of the Butchies, Team Dresch), the lovely and soulful Judea Eden, the enchanting Raks Rosa Dance Company, last year's favorite blues duo WILDSANG, up and comers on the touring circuit like Leyna Noel and the Finer Things, Jenny Hoyston (of Erase Errata), Audrey Howard and The Misters (presenting a rare acoustic set), Yes Alexander, Jo Boyer, Elin Jr and Trusting Lucy, plus favorites like the Shelley Doty Xtet, Blair Hansen, Lynn Bobby, (Jackie Strano's new group) Motherlode, Clair and Liquid Girlfriend! We've also got DJ Sisters (Soul'd Out), DJ Venus in Furs (Sardines!), DJ Pink Lightning (Stay Gold) and DJ Just Jillin' (Soul'd Out) lined up poolside and at the after-show parties. Talk about good times!

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in this amazing event!

FABULOSA Fest - July 17-19th, 2009
On The Russian River in lovely downtown Guerneville, CA!
Live Outdoor Concerts, DJ and Pool Parties, Independent Short Film Exhibition, Artisan Crafts Fair

Come join us under the California Redwoods on the beautiful Russian River!

FABULOSA Fest 2009 tickets are on sale now! See our ticket page for info. We strongly encourage you to buy TICKETS and reserve rooms and campsites NOW. There is a marathon happening that weekend as well and it's going to be "cracking" in Sonoma County.

FRIDAY, July 17, 2009

6pm-10pm Opening Night Concerts and Reception (ALL AGES) with Cash Bar, Smile Exchange on THE LAND (16590 Highway 116 Guerneville, CA 95446)

10pm-2am Casual Encounters Dance Party (21+) with Cash Bar and Cruising at BUCKS (16440 4th Guerneville, CA 95446)

Live performances at the Opening Night Concerts and Reception by...

SATURDAY, July 18, 2009

12 Noon-10:30pm FABULOSA All-Day CONCERTS, CRAFT and HEALING ARTS FAIR and Pool Party (ALL AGES) with cash bar and BBQ on THE LAND (16590 highway 116 Guerneville 95446).

10pm-2am Fabulosa Oldies Soul Crush Dance Party (21+) with DJ Just Jillin', DJ Pink Lightening and more!

Live performances by...


Ferron's agent has contacted us. She is apparently in need of a medical procedure that may jeopardize her Fabulosa Fest appearance. We are waiting to hear more details and will share them a.s.a.p.

Though out and proud as a lesbian since her teens, Gretchen Phillips has always reached beyond her natural constituency to make music for everyone. Her projects, including college radio darlings Two Nice Girls, have spanned the genres of folk, rock, country, gospel, punk and her own idiosyncratic take on the singer-songwriter form. Gretchen has blazed a twenty year trail of uncompromising personal artistry and openhearted musical communion.


Kick off their US tour (in support of their 4th album) on the FABULOSA Main Stage on Saturday. Leyna’s potent, emotionally-charged songs draw on her nomadic childhood experience on the auto racing circuit (no lie), and her advanced studies in electro-acoustic composition and theory at Mills College. The Finer Things line up currently features Erase Errata’s drummer Bianca Sparta and the son

Table Tennis AmPro and hunky butch heartthrob Kaia Wilson graces the FABULOSA Main Stage Sunday concert with her sweetly crafted love songs for all creatures great and small. Wilson, known also for her band the Butchies and as the lead guitarist for the Amy Ray Band, shares her beloved solo craft with festers Sunday afternoon around 4:30pm.

Rolling Stone, Spin and other giants of music journalism world-wide sang the praises of Jenny Hoyston’s latest solo release Isle Of, but she is probably best known around the globe as the singer and guitarist of the progressive Jazz-Punk trio Erase Errata. Thumb piano, banjo, drum machine and guitar usually accompany Jenny’s uniquely pleasing and hypnotic songs.


Comedic duo Carole & Mitzi will just be returning from the Women’s Safe Space for Comedy Jam in Sammamish, Washington (where they encountered surprising bonus success “busking” outside the local Curves for Women fitness center). They will entertain FABULOSA Fest with their honed feminist comedy and hopefully take their clothes off!


Shelley Doty makes poignant music for today by infusing her creations with the Rock, R&B, Jazz and Funk of her youth. She sings and plays the guitar with jubilant imagination and freshness and masterfully brings her songs to life with her ensemble, Shelley Doty Xtet, on the FABULOSA Main Stage on Saturday.


Is truly pushing the limits of vulnerable. Points would have to be given for soul-baring but the amazing voice and careful finger-picking are what will have you hanging on her every dreamy phrase.


In a world still awfully soaked in double-standards, bigotry and closed-mindedness, Blair Hansen is doing her part to spread the word of love, peace and hope through song.


We are so happy to have Liquid Girlfriend open our Saturday Main Stage concerts!

AND Fabulosa Fest Short Film Festival, 8:30-10pm on the LAND (16590 highway 116 Guerneville 95446)

AND Oldies Soul Crush dance party at BUCKS (16440 4th Guerneville 95446), featuring DJ Pink Lightning (Stay Gold), DJ Just Jillin (Soul'd Out) and DJ Sisters! 10:30-2am, 21+

SUNDAY, July 19, 2009

Fabulosa All-Day Concerts and Pool Party, 11am-7pm, CRAFT FAIR, All Ages, Cash Bar, Live performances by...

Legendary Tonight Show bandmember Vocalist, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Vicki Randle is one of the most visible and hard working musicians in America. For 14 years Vicki has been the lead singer and percussionist of the acclaimed Tonight Show Band, playing the diverse and eclectic mix of styles that makes the band so unique. She is a music industry legend and, as the headliner of our FABULOSA Main Stage Sunday concert, she will show you why!

San Francisco underground scene favorites Audrey Howard and the Misters perform tight-knit rock, driven by Audrey’s mind-blowing, real life guitar hero “riffage.” As a special treat for their fans at FABULOSA Fest they are playing a special, stripped down and mostly acoustic set!


Powerhouse vocalist Judea Eden possesses a raw sincerity that has made her an icon of the San Francisco music scene for decades. From the Monterey Pop Festival and SF Gay Pride to the coffee house and underground circuits, Judea has delighted audiences large and small with her original blues and jazz influenced rock n'roll.

Yes Alexander sings and plays guitar in the indie folk rock band, The Casual Lust and is the haunting vocalist on last year’s critically acclaimed album by Bay Area trip hop DJs Blue Sky Black Death. Yes will be giving a rare solo performance at FABULOSA Fest 2009!

Songwriters Linda Arceo and Lisa Long form the amazing folk duo Trusting Lucy, whose soulful harmonies are reminiscent of the Wilson sisters and the Indigo Girls. We love it! We’re happy to have Trusting Lucy play on our FABULOSA Main Stage Sunday afternoon.

Maria Stanford, Jean DuSablon, Shelley Doty and Mark Abbot make up Clair. This new combo of seasoned Bay Area rock and jazz musicians opens our FABULOSA Main Stage Concerts on Sunday and is sure to get you moving!

The lovely and talented Lynn Bobby graces our FABULOSA Main Stage with a rare solo performance Sunday afternoon. Known around the Bay as the front person for the Lynn Bobby Band, her music treads the line between folk and country and will grab your heart from the get-go.

Classically trained guitarist and singer Elin Jr is compact, quirky and seriously talented. Elin keeps things interesting, adding drum loops and guitar layers behind her compositions, and switches things up here and there with her Ukulele.

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