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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A new addition to the Blog

I recently made a connection with Judy Kinney, a love and life coach for lesbian, bi and queer women. After reading a bit about her work, checking out her website, and listening to one of her tele-classes, I decided her insight and opinions would be a great addition to my blog. As Judy puts it, "I think I offer a different, yet complementary perspective."

Since Judy will be posting articles on a regular basis, I asked her to write a bio introducing herself and talking a little bit about who she is and what she does. Please join me in welcoming Judy to the "Lesbian and Dating Blog" family.

"Hi, my name is Judy Kinney, I’m a love and life coach for lesbian, bi and queer women. I’m excited to tell you a bit about myself, my approach to love and relationships, and my coaching services.

For the past 25 years I have inspired and supported youth, LGBT elders, social service providers, and now, accomplished lesbian, bi and queer women to have the life they desire. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed working as a Life Coach, cultural competency trainer, social service program administrator, group facilitator, public speaker, and community leader. I view myself as an innovator, who excels at presenting information in a manner that is fun, compelling and relevant to my diverse audiences.

Although my introduction to the Law of Attraction (LoA) came nearly three decades ago, I became a committed student and practitioner of LoA in 2005. Inspired to share the revolutionary possibilities of LoA with other LBQ women and prepared to live the life I truly desired, I founded Dream and Flourish LLC in 2007. As the Creator of Dream and Flourish, I am a Life Coach, Event Planner, and Inspirational Speaker supporting lesbian, bi and queer women to have the lives they dream of

I love that the LoA provides a solid foundation for us to truly create the life we desire. From a LoA point of view, everything within the universe is comprised of energy. This energy interacts dynamically with itself, and like a magnet, attracts that which is similar. Even our thoughts and feelings radiate a magnetic energy.

For example, imagine that you’re in a stage in your life when you really wish you had a partner. You could find yourself focusing on not having a partner and feeling lonely and not so lovable. Even though you want love and companionship, the universe will respond to your 'not having a partner, lonely and not so lovable' energy and give you more of the same.

It’s also true that when you feel good, sexy, and happy, you’ll attract more good, sexy, and happy experiences. In other words, you’ll attract what you desire when your perspective and internal stories line up with what you’re wanting. This magnetic energy attraction process applies to any situation in your life-finances, health, family and career.

This is what I do; I support and inspire LBQ women to clarify their desires and align their perspectives to attract exactly what they want in life and love. I look forward to connecting with you. You can find more information about me and my services at, or email me at"

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