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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vagina Mints...Really???

Being a lesbian blogger I tend to read other lesbian Blogs, one of them being Geek Porn Girl, who’s author happens to be an acquaintance of mine. I always enjoy her erotic stories and insightful articles and fun comic strips. And earlier this week she was blogging about a product called Linger, a special mint for women. But this mint isn’t the kind you put in your mouth... nope, this one goes somewhere else…yes, I do mean your vagina!

Linger's website states that this product is "A small, naturally sweetened flavoring, free of artificial dyes, which was created to flavor the secretions of a woman when she is sexually aroused." And I was soooo disquested by this product and its marketing, that I had to blog about it myself.

First I need to start by saying, “ what the hell is wrong with the way women taste naturally?” I mean as long as your woman is practicing good basic hygiene, then there should be no problem. And second, anyone who has ever used a sweet flavored lube or sugary substance of any kind while having sex and has subsequently suffered a yeast infection, knows what a terrible idea it is to put a sugary mint inside themselves.

Jen Phillips at Mother Jones, recently received a press kit for Linger and after some investigative work, she found that Linger was being distributed by a company called Admints, a company that makes trade show mints. And the Linger samples that were sent to her were actually the exact same shape, taste, and ingredients as Admint's regular trade show mints.

So how can they get away with passing off regular trade show mints as special vaginal flavoring mints? Well, the directions never actually tell you to put the mints in your vagina, and on the box of mints they added a label that says "for novelty use only."

Charlie Glickman, who is the education program manager at Good Vibrations, says this is common practice in the sex product industy. And by adding that statement on the label, it gives manufacturers some cover in case something goes wrong. "They could say, 'It's just a novelty toy. You weren't actually expecting to use this were you?'"

So please be warned, the primary ingredient in Linger Mints is sugar, which is not safe for your vagina. It throws off your pH and will often cause a yeast infection, which I guarantee will be anything but a pleasant experience. And ladies, please understand, no matter what the various marketing products out there say (i.e. douches, deoderant pads and sprays, etc.), there is nothing wrong with the way you smell, or taste for that matter. So if your significant other is complaining about the way you taste" down there," then send me an email, because I can think of quite a few people I know who would happily take on that task for them!

1 comment:

coachsappho said...

Great post. Informative. Many times men and women don't consider the ingredients in the sexual products they are using and, they should. They should not just trust that because something is on the market that it is safe for you. Thanks for this information. Just like the old 'douching' thing which, thank the goddess my generation on has realized was a hoax too!


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