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Friday, November 27, 2009

New Lesbian Social Network

There is a new social network site exclusively for LESBIANS. Meet, greet, & chat up local or long distance lesbians! is designed to be a safe and fun meeting place for ALL lesbians! Just like other social networks you can add pictures, content, music, and videos with the profile page design of YOUR choice! But unlike other social networks there is no need to worry that your family, "straight friends", or business contacts will see your "lesbian communications". On you have two options, either choose to have only approved "members" see your profile or you can choose to make your profile public to all members of fills the a void in the lesbian community by creating an open and inviting environment. Their goal is to provide an environment where women can talk, meet, post events, become informed through interesting articles regarding lesbian life and engage with other women without boundaries.

And when you sign up for Lezzbook, in the "Where You Found Us" part, put LD2010 or See you online!


datting said...

Wow that's good news for lesbians.. i think the idea is fresh.. More power to

lezzbook said...

To: All The women who love other women!
We at want you to feel safe, comfortable and most of all empowered to be YOURSELVES in 2010! Meet, greet, write, & chat at! We have an exciting 2010 coming with new celebrity interviews, lesbian travel adventures, and incredible "guest writers". Join today and most of all let me know what you like and what you don't like about the site! Ladies - IT's YOUR LEZZBOOK & thanks to everyone out there spreading the word!!
Happy New Year!


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