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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lesbian Couple Kicked Out of Football Game for Kissing

According to the Washington Blade, Mary Kate Morris and Nicole Marchetto, a lesbian couple, were ejected from M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore during a football game between the Ravens and Cleveland Browns on Sept. 26.

The couple had used the half time break to visit the snack bar. While waiting in line they happened to kiss. A security guard approached them and told them to stop. The couple continued kissing because they believed, "the kissing was heartfelt and decent in the real sense and was not any different from what numerous law-abiding straight couples were doing all around us," Marchetto had told the blade.

The security guard asked to see their driver's licenses and then told the couple to leave the stadium. When asked why, the security guard accused the two of stealing a plastic cup that they had been using for ketchup and the beer they had just purchased.

A police officer told the security guard that they did not steal anything and that they had their receipts. However, three other officers forced the couple to leave the stadium.

The couple is considering legal action because they believe their ejection was a direct result of them kissing.

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