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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Heard about Logo's newest lesbian series Exes & Ohs?

Exes and Ohs is LOGO's newest lesbian comedy series based on the award-winning short film THE TEN RULES: A LESBIAN SURVIVAL GUIDE. The show follows Jennifer (Michelle Paradise, creator of the show), a struggling documentary filmmaker on her search for Ms. Right. Jennifer tries to keep up with the drama of Seattle's dating scene, while learning to adapt to the “rules” of lesbian life, love and community.

To give you an idea of how the series will play out, here is a synopses of the first episode called "There Must Be Rules."

Jennifer (Michelle Paradise) and her best friend Sam (Marnie Alton) discover Jennifer’s girlfriend Sienna (Darby Stanchfield) making out with their couples’ therapist. A year later, Sienna’s marrying the therapist and everyone’s planning to attend – except Jennifer, who has vowed to skip the event. Sam convinces Jennifer to just drive her to the wedding… and Jennifer, wearing only a sweatshirt and jeans, accidentally gets stuck on the wedding yacht.

Sam and everyone’s surrogate little sister Crutch (Heather Matarazzo) tries to help an uncomfortable Jennifer navigate the wedding, but Sam is distracted by her girl-du-jour Becca (Cathy DeBuono), who wants much more than Sam can give…

Meanwhile, Jennifer’s dear friends Chris (Megan Cavanagh) and Kris (Angela Featherstone) have finally decided on their wedding gift: A cockatiel! But the joy of giving the perfect cockatiel soon turns to sadness when Kris sees a drunken Chris flirting with another wedding guest. After Jennifer points out the lesbian “rule” of appropriate dance floor behavior, it’s clear to everyone that Chris has some explaining to do… but can Kris forgive her?

Okay, were you able to keep up with all of that? Well here is a little bit of background on each of the characters:

Jennifer (Michelle Paradise) is looking for Ms. Right. Unfortunately, she's looking in all the wrong places. The poster child for the "Why Do Annoying Things Happen To Good People" association, Jennifer is a recently-dumped smart, single, struggling documentary filmmaker with a vivid fantasy life and has just starting to dip her toes back into the dating pool. She hasn't had sex in a really, really long time - much to the amusement of her friends - but there's always hope on the horizon...

(Megan Cavanaugh) is the first lesbian to come out - and get out - of her small Ohio town. She has a big infectious laugh and is the life of any party. She is also practical, responsible, and doesn't back down from a fight - except when it's with her long term partner Kris, who has Chris wrapped around her pretty finger. When you don't find Chris bowling you can find her skeet shooting (she was her high school champ).

Kris (Angela Featherstone) is the tad-more-feminine than her life partner Chris. She has a sly giggle, an intoxicating smile, and is not ditzy, just operating on a much simpler logic than the rest of us. Raised by Vermont hippies on a maple syrup farm, Kris is happy with herself, loves running the online pet accessories business she owns with Chris, and can always find room in their home - and in her heart - for just one more stray animal

Sam (Marnie Alton) is a sexy, commitment-phobic bartender who, unlike her best friend Jennifer, is only looking for Ms. Right Now. Yes, she's a flirt; and no, she has no problem using her looks to get what she wants... But Sam is also fiercely independent, protective of her friends, and you couldn't ask for a better shoulder to cry on. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the shoulder is hot, if you like those sexy femme types.

Crutch (Heather Matarazzo), of the purple-streaked hair, multiple piercings, and "Dyke Power" bumper stickers, is a 22-year old coffee house barista who harbors a secret crush and aspires to be a famous singer/songwriter... despite the fact that she isn't much of a songwriter (or singer). The group wants to help her as she gets her life together, but ultimately she'll have to figure out the "growing up" thing on her.

If you would like a sneak peek at the new series, you can go to Logo's website and watch a few clips. And although I personally wasn’t that impressed by what I saw, or the fact that there is little cultural diversity in the characters(yes, they are all Caucasian), I am hoping the series has something more to offer, we shall see.

The Series premiere of Exes and Oh's is Monday, Oct 8th at 10:00 pm EST. And hey, if you do get a chance to watch it, let me what you think, I would love to hear your opinion.

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Brian said...

Yeah, the Logo' newest lesbian series are good generally. But seems the contents are similar with those I watched on lesbian videos at


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