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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Freedom to Marry Week Events

This year’s National Freedom to Marry Day and Marriage Equality Day events include statewide counter-demonstrations, which asks gay couples to request a marriage license. When, inevitably, they are turned down, couples are to demand equal rights of their county clerk. Counter-demonstrations are planned at over 20 county clerk offices, in addition to statewide educational forums, benefits, and celebrations to support same-sex marriage.

The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act, or AB 43, if passed, would make same-sex marriage legal in California. Authored by assemblymember Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, AB 43 will need assembly and senate vote. If successful, the bill then will need Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s approval. AB 43 is expected to arrive to the Assembly Appropriations Committee in March.

“Marriage is the universally recognized term for two people in relationships,” Geoff Kors, executive director of EQCA says. “When you’re married, your relationship is recognized. People in domestic partnerships and civil unions, they’re only recognized in the state, where marriage is recognized everywhere.”

There are “over 1000 rights and benefits that they can’t receive,” adds Kors, about the issues that arise when same-sex couples are denied marriage.

Kors says that same-sex couples under domestic partnerships and civil unions do not receive SSI benefits, which matter when a spouse dies, partners are taxed for insurance, and for bi-national couples, one partner can’t sponsor the other for immigration.

February 12: Los Angeles Premier of The Year of Paper
February 13: AT&T showing of Pursuit of Equality (San Francisco)
February 14: Valentine’s Day marriage counter events across the state
February 14: Frameline screening of The Year of Paper (San Francisco)
Other February Events: The Future of Marriage (San Diego)

For more information on National Freedom to Marry Day and Marriage Equality Day demonstrations and events, visit, and

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