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Friday, February 15, 2008

I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space

Lesbian Comic Strip By Megan Rose Gedris

Review by Paige Braddock, author of Jane's World.

Susan Bell was a normal girl, just out of college with a great job as a secretary but everything changed when Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space kidnapped her.

Despite the antennas sprouting from their bouffant hair it takes Susan a while to figure out she’s on a space ship and not a “ship” ship. Until friendly alien pirate, Alice, explains the whole mess, while seated on the stairs of the engine room.

“Never see Earth again?! But Earth is where all my shoes are!!!” exclaims Susan.

Megan Rose Gedris writes and illustrates this comic romp through outer space, which is published online by Drunk Duck. Five full-color comic books worth of material are currently up on the website and can be viewed for free. Although, I personally would really like to see these books in print as soon as possible.

Gedris’s drawing style is bold, with primary colors and dynamic panel design. She uses the course, color dot screens mimicking the old school Ben Day dot color of golden age comics to punch up the campy 1960’s styling of this very modern online comic. Images are magnified and sometimes simplified but she never cuts corners on the hair styling of this crew of sassy lesbonauts.

These extraterrestrial pirates picked up Susan Bell because she set off their “gaydar” unit while they were cruising through Earth’s atmosphere. However, Susan is not convinced that she’s a lesbian and despite conveniently contrived psychic moments designed to get her out of her clothes, the pirate crew has yet to win her over to the Sapphic side of the fence.

There are some laugh-out-loud moments in each book. Like when the pirate gals set off to rob a bank and Susan decides to go with them, only she hasn’t had her weapons training yet and manages to shoot holes in the captain’s bouffant hair do.

There’s another funny (yet slightly gruesome) scene where a doctor is talking some not-so-bright operating room techs through a surgical procedure from a phone booth, only to be yanked out of the booth by Male Man at a very critical moment, because he needs to change into his super hero costume. Unfortunately for the patient, they proceed with the surgery using an ice cream scoop.

And when Sally Speed shows up to enter a race wager with the sexy, red-headed pirate captain, I had to keep reading to find out who would have to do whose bidding for a day.

Hot female space pirates sporting futuristic pointy bustier, skull tattoos, bouffant hair and eye patches, all packaged comically into a sci-fi lesbian comic book. What more could you ask for?!

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