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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jane's World Volume 8 is now Available!!!

Cartoonist Paige Braddock has just released her highly-anticipated graphic novel, Jane's World Volume 8.

To give you a glimpse of her book, without giving too much away, here is the blurb from the back of Volume 8:

"Like accidentally stumbling into heavy metal karaoke night, Jane knew this vacation was a disaster before it even started. Her first clue could have been the plane crash, but the spiral actually began hours before that, when it was decided they'd all travel together in a very small plane that Jill would pilot. Jane was immediately demoted in this cast to the role of plucky, comic relief. So here we find our small group marooned in a tropical paradise, set upon by orange soda deprivation, amorous native girls and scheming alligators. Can these four castaways survive all the lesbian drama and actually make it to gay Key West? Pick up a copy of this newest installment of JW and find out!"

If your not familiar with Jane's world, here is an overview by Sean Carroll of

"Jane's World stars the loveable misfit, Jane Wyatt. It's a comic full of "girl-on-girl action, chicks with guns, a vegan menace, vintage Winnebagos, drag queens and downward career spirals. You know, the usual-for stability-challenged Jane.

Whether it's friends who see her as one of the guys (her roommate Ethan), women who see her as a fixer-upper (vegan surfer Skye), or figures of mystery who find themselves attracted to her in spite of themselves (badass ex-cop Chelle), or just nice, normal women (Jane's on-again, off-again girlfriend Dorothy), everyone around her finds themselves being sucked into the maelstrom of drama, coincidences, and serious enmeshment issues that surround Jane. The results are funny, sexy, silly, and sometimes dramatic-the last thanks mostly to the flashbacks of Chelle and her current (romantic and otherwise) ex-partner Jill's days as cops and the resultant side plots that continue to unfold in the storyline's present day.

In short, Jane is a magnet for the kind of drama that makes for good comedy."

Paige Braddock created Jane's World so that women, particularly lesbians, would have a comic strip character that they could relate to.
As Paige says, "In case you don't know, it's hard to be a female cartoon character. If you're a female cartoon character, you are expected to make jokes about dating, raising children, dieting and anything else that relates to poor body image. But what if you are a female cartoon character who feels that life is too short for caloric concerns? What if you are a cartoon character who chases vampires, needs sensitivity training, requires career counseling and basically needs to get a life? Well, then you'd be Jane.

Welcome to Jane's World. Where female cartoon characters are free to be goofy, flat-chested and self-absorbed.

Jane's World, a strip for all those gals out there who are just trying to figure life out."

You can find Jane's World Volume 1-8 online at Jane's Mart.

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