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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Melissa Etheridge Revival Tour Experience

I have been a Melissa Etheridge fan since I first started dating women in 1988, and although I have seen her in concert 6 or 7 times, I have to admit, over the past 8 years I haven’t been much of a follower. So when I won a pair of second row seats to her August 20th “Revival” show at the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa, I really wasn’t THAT excited. However, to my surprise, I was totally and completely blown away by Melissa’s performance; I never expected such a powerful and heartfelt show. The woman I saw on stage was not the same woman I had seen so many times before in concert. Melissa has transformed to a vibrant, openhearted and spiritually conscious musician... it was amazing to see the direction her life has taken since her experience with cancer.

With no opening act, Melissa and her four-piece band (veteran drummer Fritz Lewak, bassist Mark Browne, keyboard/guitarist Paul Trudeau and her lead guitarist Philip Sayce, who was amazing) played for almost 3 hours. They played some old favorites, as well as many of the songs from her latest album, The Awakening.

Being at the concert was like listening to an autobiography of Melissa’s experiences from the past 2o years. Her life unfolded before us, through both her stories and her songs. She spoke openly about her failed relationships, her experience with cancer, and her newfound faith in just knew she had found a peace and a purpose in her life; it was truly a moving experience.

So if you have the opportunity to catch one of her shows, don’t even think twice about it, you won’t be disappointed.

And if your interested, this is the list of songs she played at the show:
All There Is
I Take You with Me
Shriner's Park
The Angels
An Unexpected Rain
Bring Me Some Water
I Want to Come Over
I'm the Only One
If You Wanted To
A Simple Love/Yes I Am
Heal Me (OMG!)
I Run for Life
2001/I Need to Wake Up
Message to Myself/Come to My Window
All We Can Really Do
The Kingdom of Heaven
Open Your Mind
The Universe Listened
Imagine That
What Happens Tomorrow

Not Tonight/Like the Way I Do/Not Tonight

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