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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Supernatural Lesbian Crime Show

The Buzz around the Lesbian Entertainment world is that writer/Director Linda Andersson has just finished a new TV pilot about a lesbian detective with psychic powers, called The Seer.

The storyline from the website goes something like this:

As a child, Guin Marcus [played by Deborah Stewart] was forced by her mother to suppress her "Seer" powers, knowing how difficult that life path can be. When Guin picks up on energy left behind by others, she often receives disturbing and telling visions. Later in adulthood, Guin realizes her "Seer" powers were given to her to help others, so she joins the police force.

Guin kept her unconventional powers a secret until she partnered with April Reese [played by Michelle Tomlinson] who became more than a confidant. Though April was in a committed relationship, an affair between the two women began. When April's long term girlfriend learns she has only six months to live, April breaks up with Guin without telling her why. Devastated, Guin quits the police force.

After some time passed, Guin found a new partner in crime, Annie Finn. Together they opened a private investigation agency using Guin's "Seer" powers along with Annie's knowledge of the law to solve mysteries and help the crime solving efforts of the L.A.P.D.

In the pilot episode, Guin Marcus, a former cop, is hired by the police department to use her supernatural powers to help track down a known psychopath suspected of killing a female jogger. During the case, Guins sees her ex lover, Det. April Reese, for the first time in two years. Soon after their meeting, Guin realizes that she still has feelings for April, which somehow the psychopath knows as well. So to lure Guin into a trap, he decides to kidnaps April.

This series has yet to find a network, but when it does, I will be sure to pass on the information. In the meantime, check out the trailer....

The Seer - Trailer

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CupidsReviews Heidi said...

hmmm......could go either way! Uniforms are hot.


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