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Friday, May 22, 2009

June Lesbian Horoscopes


June begins unfettered by the grip of the Mercury retrograde cycle that put the kabosh on many May plans. This means that all the information, emotions. and shifts that were trying to move forward in May will hit their mark now and that could feel overwhelming in the beginning of the month. Forward motion can take as much getting used to as backwards at first.

With Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron still holding hands at 26 degrees of Aquarius for most of the month, we will most likely be seeing more wild windy and rainy weather and the possibility of more airline problems and accidents.

Economically we could find ourselves leaning more towards inflation, however, an entrepreneur with a new and unusual idea could also do very well during these unpredictable times as people will also just want to find ways to feel good.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 7 could offer some "interesting times" with Saturn in Virgo throwing a feeling of restraint against an otherwise festive time.

Venus and Mars both being in Taurus will not let our sensuality be denied as they do all that they can to "bring sexy back!"

If you are looking for a great time to initiate or find new love, June 21, the Summer Solstice should be such a time with Venus and Mars conjoined at 14 degrees of Taurus, which will be in harmonious aspect to Saturn, which means the good vibe could last.

Traditionally, this holiday does suggest that whomever you dream of on the night of the Summer Solstice will become your new love when the new day comes.

Wild card Uranus will be conjoining the asteroid Juno which can have a lot to do with marriage and partnership. This actually could be an excellent time to pass a Gay Marriage initiative because Uranus rules rebellion and non tradition. We shall see.

A new moon comes the day after Solstice too, so this should be a time of refreshing change as well all recharge our Sacred Fires and drink in the fragrant flowers drenched in morning dew.

ARIES - I can make little fires everywhere that I go. No need to have a huge bonfire. I am feeling like sampling the smorgasbord of life experiences rather than focusing on any one thing. I just need for others to understand my style for now so that no feelings get hurt.Sometimes I just need to only meet my own needs and now is one of those times.

TAURUS - I am getting some new honey colored satin sheets and a pantry full of gourmet finger foods. I feel a weekend in bed coming on and not a moment too soon. We don't need a whole lot of money to feel rich and luxuriate in each other's arms. Its all right here and we can take all the time in the world discovering every curve and sensuous ripple.

GEMINI - I finally feel like I can play a little. Some of the heavier transits are letting me breathe so of course I want to do everything, all at once and where to start? I haven't gone to my local coffee hang out for awhile to people watch and I think that it is high time that I live more into my social butterfly persona which has been locked in her cocoon for months. I must say the down time was good for me and I am lookin' really good for it too.

CANCER - I love the Summer Solstice and I feel like it is a time when I really come alive. I usually don't embrace change gracefully but right now I am feeling like some sweet change is just what the shaman ordered. My sacred waters heat up and its time to cook up some new inspiration. The songs in my soul need to be sung and the music of the spheres will come flying from my fingers.

LEO - Nothing quite so cosmic for me this time, I just want to feel the heat on my skin and warm myself in the afternoon sun.Sipping a sweet fruit drink at the beachfront with my mate would be perfection but even solo, the pleasure of feeling and being in my own body would be delicious as well as uplifting.

VIRGO - This may just be my month for some fun and respite. Old Saturn has been holding my feet to the fire all year but now Venus and Mars are gettin kind of earthy in Taurus and I do believe that it is my turn to fill up the dance card. Damn I have even been boring myself and that usually leads to bad choices so before I get reckless, I better make some party plans and schedule in a good time.

LIBRA - I feel like I am adrift on a very still lake. Everything is calm and peaceful but I don't want to be stuck out here either. I had been craving peace but solitude for a Libra is quite over rated. I like doing most things with another so I had best start swimming for shore or at least a pontoon boat with a party going on board.My creative juices are flowing yet sometimes a good Muse is needed to pull the work out of me.

SCORPIO - I am not new to the Laws of Attraction and I also know that sometimes opposites really do magnetize towards each other so I am looking forward to the Venus /Mars Conjunction in my opposite sign Taurus to draw something steamy and sensual to my boudoir to enjoy the summer heat.

SAGITTARIUS - I love gazing at the big picture and it can be mesmerizing but lately I am also taking great joy in the little things the every day kindness and thoughtfulness of those who truly care for me.Funds may not permit a big vacation to someplace exotic and far away but we can take a magic carpet all our own with the right music, poetry and something sublime.

CAPRICORN - It's the good thing that I love a challenge is all I have to say. Somebody decided that I should get a strong dose of work ethic and it really took. Now I would like to out source the damn thing to those who need more ambition preferably those that I work with who need to pick up their own slack. I am over it and yet I don't like to see my good work to be damaged by slackers.

AQUARIUS - I still have a whole lot of strange energy flying around me and it is really disorienting. One day it all makes perfect sense and I know exactly what I need to do next and then its all a big blur. One thing I do see is that I am getting a big review on all of my Sacred Cows and philosophies to see which ones still hold water.Most of the time I feel pretty inspired but my focus shifts like the sands.

PISCES - I am learning to not only roll with the changes but to jump high when the lightning strikes. I am no stranger to the unexpected but these days we are intimate friends. At this point nothing would surprise me too much however I would be ever so delighted by a pleasant surprise. Feels like a good time to reinvent and allow myself to be led by Spirit towards a more inspiring place.



Supernova said...

oh this is really great, thanks for sharing

Angels in my Life said...

Glad you have posted it here, now i know my scorpion sign


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