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Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama's Gay Marriage joke...Should We Be Offended?

Despite the milestone of recently out lesbian and comedian Wanda Sykes opening up for the president at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner last Saturday night, it appears that both bloggers and Twitter fans alike are in tail spin over President Obama's "gay marriage joke."

So what is all the fuss about? Well here dialogue so you can decide for yourself:

“David Axelrod is here. You know, David and I have been together for a long time. I can still remember — I got to sort of , I tear up a little bit when I think back to that day that I called Ax so many years ago and said, you and I can do wonderful things together. And he said to me the same thing that partners all across America are saying to one another right now: ‘Let’s go to Iowa and make it official.’"

Despite the reference to the Iowa Supreme Court’s recent ruling allowing gay marriage, Obama and Axelrod actually did seal their "political marriage" in Iowa, where Obama won the 2008 caucuses and then went on to win the 2008 Democratic nomination last year.

So should we be offended by this jokes? Here is the video if you want to check it our for yourself. Obama's "gay joke" is at about the 4:20 mark.


coachsappho said...

I was not offended by Obama's 'gay joke' a- I was more surprised he made fun of Sasha and Malia taking Airforce One on a joyride over NYC. Wow - I wonder how New Yorker's took that one...

Jen said...

I wouldn't be offended by his "joke" that it is making it into mainstream conversation is good, it lessens the shock value.

Denise Lee said...

I think overall we are too easily offended about everything these days, whatever happened to irreverent jokes and laughter? We really need to loosen up a little bit before we turn into Mao's China or Russia during the cold war

john said...

i wasnt offened at all.


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