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Friday, June 19, 2009

July Lesbian Horoscopes

By Flash Silvermoon

July bursts forth with some high and somewhat disruptive energies. The long running transition of a merged Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron has been more or less challenging, depending on your own astrological chart. I feel like it has been partially represented over the past months by airline disasters, as well as wild and unpredictable wind and rain storms.

July 12 th the aspect will again be exact and with the relationship to the Moon and Saturn, we might be in for some more dangerous flooding and or tornadoes.

Enough about the weather already! You may have storms right in your own home, live and in color, especially if a lot has been swept under the rug in your relationships.

The love affair between Venus and Mars continues in Taurus but it seems as though most couples will need to run a personal gauntlet to hone some of the sharp edges.

On July 7th at 4:24 AM, we will experience a Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon in Capricorn. These eclipses can often reveal the shadow side of one's emotional nature, but during such revelations, we can find the key to our liberation if we chose to learn from such encounters.

A Solar Eclipse follows on July 21 9:26 PM with the new Moon in Cancer. The keyword here is CHANGE and it should be easier to make changes now since you will be feeling more flexible after all the earlier upheavals.

Venus sweetens the deal by the end of the month, so never fear, there will be plenty of good times and pleasure to be had and the relationships that sustain will have the ingredients to last.

It could very well be a long hot summer!

ARIES - I can feel a little spark trying to turn into a flame yet it is just beyond my reach. Patience is not my strong suit so if I seem a little irritable cut me some slack.
I know we all wish that we could get what we want when we want it but what the hell is wrong with that? Let's hear it for immediate least sometime. Til then, I think I will play a lot of sports.

TAURUS - I hate to rub it in Aries, but I brought Sexy Back! I mean Taurus got her groove back and it was so worth the wait. I don't think I will ever forget the pleasures of the physical body again. Exotic oils, candles, satin sheets, great food, long baths and, of course, you my sweet... and life is ooooooooh so good. Gotta go!

GEMINI - Well my ruling planet Mercury, the great communicator is at least moving forward. That may not sound like much to you but I live for communication. We may not always do it well but we sure as hell work at it enough. I'll take a good talk ideally with a small group of unique folks so we can toss around our ideas and even argue a little bit. This way, I get to exercise both sides of my nature. Remember I rarely lie but I do often change my mind. Don't be confused, I 'm not.

CANCER - I suppose this is going to be one of those introspective times. Let's make a deal Great Lunar Goddess, let's throw some fun and frolic into the mix this time, OK?
As I look into my crystal ball, I see some great water parties in my future... oh yeahhhh. I operate so much better when I know that there is a pleasant reward at the end of the tunnel. A light that is not a freight train can work too.

LEO - Ah Cancer, you can be such a whiner! Ya have to make your own good time, whenever and wherever. That's how I do it and it generally works, or I change venues or circles. I carry a lot of light with me and even these eclipses can't put me out, unless I want to be toned down a bit. This economy has really been cramping my style and I hate when that happens, but I am pretty creative and can make beauty flower with very little, if I have to.

VIRGO - Just when I finally get a green thumb, we get hit with a heat wave! I've been feeling like putting my hands and feet in the earth, planting some flowers and herbs. Seems like this would really ground me through these challenging times. With Saturn dogging me, some kind of hard work should suffice, however, even in this venue I feel some limitation.

LIBRA - I have been feeling the urge to merge lately, so since I share Venus with Taurus, I think I am just going to borrow some of Taurus' mojo and circulate a bit more. Maybe I can write the perfect romance novel filling it with the most heart-warming moments, and then live into the story and enjoy.

SCORPIO - Oh Libra, you are so cerebral. I much rather do it than write about it. For me its all about the feelings and the intensity. I just bet the attraction of opposites can work for me with Taurian energy. With Mars and Venus sitting180 degrees away things could not only get hot and earthy but steamy when we sink into the deep hot water together. Yep deep water is my home and sharing is beyond words.

SAGITTARIUS - I have travel on the brain, but then I often do. I am ready for anything. A hot air balloon across the Grand Canyon, surfing the curls in Hawaii, a canoe trip through the Florida Springs, or just a comfy water bed with a great foreign film about something metaphysical. I am easy to please and ready to roll. The exotic and mysterious are calling my name.

CAPRICORN - Well if the Moon is going to eclipse me I better get ready for anything!
All I need right now is a damn eclipse. Isn't my road challenging enough right now?
I know I am supposed to be transforming my self but I simply don't have time for that.
Tell it to someone who isn't doing the work of two people. I feel like an onion with my layers being peeled away one by one but I need to have some layers left.

AQUARIUS - All my life, I have felt like some kind of alien, a stranger even in the most unusual grouping. Now I am feeling forced to really look at how I can feel like I don't belong at times. I know I don't look like I give a damn but deep inside I do. The planets are holding my feet to the fire and yet I am feeling myself blossom in a whole new way.

PISCES - I am getting so antsy to do more of what I am here to do and yet sometimes I am not sure what that is. I love a peaceful and serene life mostly but if the water is too still, it can stagnate and that would be awful. My water is starting to have whitecaps and a brisk sail would be just the thing to fill my heart with wonder and anticipation. Sign me up for the next magic carpet ride heading for Sirius!

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