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Friday, June 12, 2009

Top 10 Lesbian DVD's for 2009

I know it isn't always easy finding lesbian films, so I thought I would pass on the list of 2009 top 10 selling Lesbian DVD's.

  1. She Likes Girls 4: Tomboys and Tough Girls
    Movie Details:

    Lesbian shorts series featuring eight portrayals of girls who like girls!

    Babysitting Andy (11 mins, Canada)
    Dir. Pat Mills
    A deviously precocious nin
    e-year old tomboy interrogates her gay uncle and his boyfriend in this hilarious short film.

    (15 mins. USA)
    Dir. Melanie McGraw
    Accidentally left behind by her family at a desolate gas station, a young tomboy has a poignant platonic encounter with an older lesbian in this beautiful tale.

    No Bikini
    (9 mins. USA)
    Dir. Claudia Morgado Escanilla
    A delightful short film about a little girl who abandons her bikini top at swim camp and passes as a boy.

    Gay Bash
    (5 mins. USA)
    Dir. Camrin Pitts
    A fresh anthem of pride from lesbian Hip-Hop artist Melange Lavonne.

    Don't Mess with Texas (6 mins. USA)
    Dir. Carrie Schrader & Tricia Cooke
    A pair of wild young activist dykes on a road trip have an eye-opening experience at a small-town diner in this winning little movie that co-stars queer icon Silas Howard (By Hook or By Crook).

    (15 mins, USA)
    Dir. Marcus Richardt
    Lilly is the leader of a violent girl gang. Anna is a strong-willed nice girl photographer. This unique tale of teenage loyalties follows the budding affection between two opposites: attracted. In German with English subtitles.

    I Heart Veronica Martin (18 mins. USA)
    Dir. Sarah Howard
    Loner Darby falls for cheerleader Veronica who has just broken up with her boyfriend in this spot-on portrayal of teenage lesbian lust.

    Pages Of A Girl
    (19 mins. Brazil)
    Dir. Monica Palazzo
    The bookish, lesbian librarian's wet dream.
    "Ingrid and Silvia meet at the bookstore and a languid romance follows in this gorgeous 1950s Brazilian period piece. In Portugese with English subtitles.

    Bonus Featurette:

    NCLR at 30
    An uplifting portrait of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR).

  2. The L Word: Season 6
    Movie Details:
    It's the final season of the show that won our hearts and got us talking; the show that The New York Times called: "a Sapphic Playboy fantasia" for its unwavering dedication to portraying sexy lesbian characters in a steady stream of increasingly hot and wild story lines. Season 6 is wilder than ever as it revolves around the $64,000 question: "Who Killed Jenny?" Nope, that's not a spoiler — the first episode begins with that question and we spend the whole season in flashback leading up to the big event.

    Starring: Jennifer Beals, Pam Grier, Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Katherine Moennig, Rachel Shelley, Daniela Sea, Rose Rollins, Marlee Matlin, Kate French.

  3. The Secrets
    Movie Details:
    Naomi, the brilliant and pious daughter of an ultra orthodox rabbi finds herself at a crossroads of life choices when her mother dies and she is expected to immediately marry her father's prodigy. Distressed yet determined, she begs that her father allow her one year to study at a women's religious seminary in Safed, the birthplace of the Kabala in order to prepare herself for the sacrifices she will make as a wife. Her father relents and Naomi's life begins to take an unexpected turn.

    Devote but lively, Naomi and her new friend Michelle befriend a beautiful, mysterious older woman, Anouk, (Fanny Ardant) who is ill and living nearby who may or may not be Jewish, and may have committed a crime of passion. Naomi devises a series of rituals which will somehow “purify” Anouk and purge her of her sins, but as these stretch the borders of Jewish law they must be kept secret. Eventually this journey into the forbidden leads to a growing attraction between the two girls and more crossroads are faced.

    The Secrets presents the complexities of a religious lifestyle in a vibrant environment of youth, rebellion and desire.

  4. Itty Bitty Titty Committee
    Movie Details:
    From the director of "But I'm A Cheerleader," and the producers of D.E.B.S.
    This latest fabulous movie from Jamie (But I’m a Cheerleader) Babbit is a dynamic, romantic, frequently funny and politically astute movie with a smart script, rockin’ soundtrack and terrific ensemble cast that includes sexy young Melonie Diaz as the new dyke on the block who falls in with a great gang of Feminist troublemakers called Clits in Action (CiA), and then falls in love with leader of the pack, Nicole Vicius. Unfortunately, Nicole has a girlfriend – Melanie Mayron – and, as they say, drama ensues. With Carly Pope, Daniela Sea, Guinevere Turner, Deak Evgenikos, Jenny Shimizu and Lauren Mollica.

  5. Drifting Flowers
    Movie Details:
    "OFFICIAL SELECTION, BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL! Teddy Award-winning Director Zero Chou (Spider Lilies) weaves three poetic tales as the lesbians in Drifting Flowers seek their true identity. In the first story, Jing, a blind singer, falls in love with her band’s tomboy accordionist Diego. In another time and place, Lily, an elderly lesbian and Yen, her gay friend, create an unexpected bond and support each other in a time of crisis. Finally, we see Diego before she joined the band, when as a teenager she came to grips with her gender identity.

  6. Girl Play
    Movie Details:
    Cast as the stars of a lesbian love story, sexy leading ladies Robin Greenspan and Lacie Harmon try to resist falling in love with each other. But rehearsals just get steamier as unfulfilled desires rage in this hot and hilarious romantic-comedy! Based on Harmon and Greenspan's original play, "Real Girls" (in turn based on their own true story). Also starring Dom Deluise and Mink Stole
    Robin Greenspan and Lacie Harmon shared the Best Actress award at the 2004 edition of Outfest; the film also won the festival's Outstanding Lesbian Narrative Feature award.

    Girl Play
    was hailed by the Hollywood Reporter, which said, "Robin Greenspan and Lacie Harmon are exceedingly likeable, smart and funny performers." calls Girl Play, "One of the funniest and most poignant lesbian films to come along in years."

  7. Butch Jamie
    Movie Details:
    Butch Jamie
    is a quirky, gender-bending comedy about an out-of-work butch lesbian actress willing to try almost anything for a role. Dressing up femme for auditions, struggling actress Jamie Klein (talented writer-director Michelle Ehlen) continually faces rejection as she fails to be a typical leading lady. Spurred on by her roommate Lola's successful cat actor, Jamie decides to take a different approach and audition as herself — aka "Butch Jamie." She immediately lands a role—as a man! Her misadventures on the set include unintentionally attracting the attentions of her sexy female co-star. Winner: Grand Jury Award, Best Actress — Outfest: Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

  8. Le Jupon Rouge
    Movie Details:
    Official Selection: San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festiva
    In this classic French lesbian drama from writer-director Genevieve Lefebvre, three women deal with shifting affections, jealousy and romance. Oscar-nominee Marie Christine Barrault (Cousin, Cousine) stars as Manuela who is torn between her affection for her longtime love, the older Bacha (legendary Italian actress Alida Valli), and her freshly ignited desire for the beautiful Claude (Guillemette Grobon).

    Bacha is an Amnesty International human rights activist and concentration camp survivor. Manuela , her younger fashion designer friend, is Bacha's primary emotional support. When Manuela meets the beautiful Claude the two begin a relationship that ignites Bacha's intense jealousy.

  9. Girl + Girl: Classic Lesbian Short Films
    Movie Details:
    This wonderfully entertaining batch of lesbian short films (curated by film historian Jenni Olson) showcases long unavailable film festival favorites and pioneering works including the short masterpiece, Rispondetemi (by Lost & Delirious director Lea Pool), the glossy British lesbian coming-out fantasy Rosebud, and the multiple Audience-Award winning tale of lesbian life, love and the pursuit of non-monogamy, Maid of Honor!

    14 mins. Great Britain, 1991
    Dir. Cheryl Farthing
    The hottest lesbian coming out story you've ever seen. This shiny, sexy, colorful British short is packed with voyeurism, cruising, and cute girls. What more could you ask for? Starring popular British TV star Julie Graham (William and Mary, Bonekickers).

    Central Park

    Official Selection at the top International Festivals including: Sundance, Berlin, Toronto and Locarno

    9 mins, USA, 1994, b&w
    Dir. Sande Zeig
    A lush erotic encounter between two beautiful women who make love in a rowboat — in New York’s Central Park! From Sande Zeig, director of The Girl. No dialogue.

    Reservation (Reservaat)

    10 mins. The Netherlands, 1988, b&w
    Dir. Clara van Gool
    Two stunning women dance an exquisitely sensuous tango in a public park in this remarkably beautiful short film. No dialogue.

    Regarde Moi

    5 mins. France, 2003
    Dirs. Sylvie Ballyot & Beatrice Kordon
    This atmospheric mini-seduction drama follows two beautiful French women who meet at a sidewalk café. What are they going to do together in that cheap Parisian hotel room? In French with English subtitles.


    15 mins, Canada, 1991
    Dir. Lea Pool
    From Lea Pool (Lost & Delirious) comes this aching brink of death drama that tells the story of a lifetime in fifteen breathtaking cinematic minutes. In French with English subtitles.

    Why I’ll Never Trust You (In 200 Words or Less)

    2 mins. Canada, 1995
    Dir. Cassandra Nicolaou
    Two lovers linger one afternoon in bed in this sexy tale of lust and mistrust by talented filmmaker Cassandra Nicolaou (Show Me).

    Maid of Honor

    25 mins. USA 1999
    Dir. Jennifer Arnold

    Official Sundance Selection
    Best Short Film: Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival
    Best Short Film: Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

    A hip, young lesbian couple questions their commitment to non-monogamy at the wedding of an ex-girlfriend in this film festival favorite. A true lesbian classic, beautifully made with a hot cast and a great story.

  10. A Village Affair
    Movie Details:
    Starring out lesbian actress Sophie Ward

    Recently returned to England from New York City, vivacious heiress Clodagh Unwin befriends a couple new to her village. The husband is entranced by the young aristocrat, but Clodagh has eyes for someone else: his wife, Alice.

    Alice has a gilded life—beautiful children, a handsome husband, and a stately home. Secretly, she’s depressed after the birth of her third child and unhappy in her marriage. Clodagh proves irresistible. But when tongues start wagging, the women learn that love might not be enough.

    Based on the bestselling novel by Joanna Trollope (Friday Nights, The Rector’s Wife) and filmed in picturesque countryside, this British production stars Sophie Ward (The Shell Seekers), Kerry Fox (Welcome to Sarajevo), Nathaniel Parker (The Inspector Lynley Mysteries), Jeremy Northam (Emma, The Tudors), Michael Gough (Batman), and Claire Bloom, with a young Keira Knightley in one of her first screen roles.

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