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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Astroflash Lesbian Horoscope

We brace ourselves as the season starts to hint at change. We can feel it in the air as the summer heat begins to relinquish its intense grasp on our activities and a more energetic mood takes hold.

September starts with a Full moon in 12 degrees of Pisces on the 4th which could very well incite more political fireworks. There is a system called the Sabian symbols which gives a pithy spiritual connotation to each degree of the zodiac so on this day, the Sun which is always opposite the Moon when its in its full phase is in 12 degrees of Virgo.When choosing the correct Sabian symbol you always use the next degree therefore 13 degrees of Virgo represents, " A powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria!" and 13 degrees of Pisces says. "An ancient sword, used in many battles, is displayed in a museum."

With these influences, I think that it is safe to say that we will see some challenging political conflicts at home and abroad. Sounds like Obama might well be that leader who quells the hysteria and perhaps the sword that has been slicing and dicing in the Middle East might pause for reflection.
On Sept. 10 Saturn and Uranus will oppose each other exactly for the third time just as they did on Election day and Inauguration day. Again, the old is being asked to make way for the new. The revolution as they say, will not be televised, its gonna be LIVE!
We all have been sitting precariously on the edge of profound change and reactionary backlash with an economic structure that is yet to right itself in a way that the average person can clearly benefit.
It took a while to get in this mess and yet when we are too comfortable radical change has no room to root so I do believe that the opportunity for real good changes will come out of this tension between the old and the new dying to be born.

Just when you thought it was safe to open your day planner....old murky Mercury will go retrograde on Sept. 7 til Sept. 29. So, you know the drill by now. No big tag buys especially electronics, no big decisions or signing important documents, and double and triple check any of the plans that you do have as communication is simply not connecting the way that it should. If you can possibly wait to put your new plans in action until after the end of the month you will be much happier with the result. Conversely, this is an excellent time for old friends to turn back up and even objects and debts that you had given up on ever seeing again could surprise you.

Blasts from the past are the order of the day.

By the New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 18, we have a traffic jam of planets in Virgo which should make Saturn not feel so isolated and cold. Between the retro and the explosion of Virgo planets, this should be an excellent time to plan, arrange, and clean out while our pace needs to be slower. Sept 29, the airwaves should be buzzing with all kinds of new information and inventions too.

ARIES - I am so self sufficient that I can get buzzed from anything and even though my fire is not at its peak, the fresh air and stimulus is has got me thinking wold thoughts of high adventure. Some of you hate to take a risk, I on the other hand love it. That's what makes me feel alive and more myself. Take me water skiing, sky diving, mountain climbing or at least a good theme park

TAURUS - Feeling kind of lazy and crazy with the summer heat. Whose idea was it to roast the planet this summer? The only thing hot that I want is a lover and that would get me up and out of bed or back in bed for that matter. I love to get my hands and feet in the earth and look forward to the cooler parts of the day to ground myself in Mama.

GEMINI - I am actually feeling more refreshed than usual what with all these Aquarian planets. The bad news is old Merc retro is rearing its ugly head again and that is my ruling planet so I usually find that my thought processes tend to go backwards as well. The good news is that with all the other Mercury ruled energies coming in from Virgo, I should be able to organize myself better.

CANCER - Mars is riding me hard this month and a little bit can go a long way for me as I really don't like to be pushed however, sometimes I do need a gentle nudge to move me into all the bright possibilities for the future. Operative word mars is GENTLE, why does that planet never understand that some of us prefer to have our sensitivities protected or at least considered. Don't even get me started about Pluto that intense little dwarf!

LEO - Ha ha I have Venus in my sign and she can stay all year as far as I am concerned. Nothing like a little touch of sweetness to make all the other stresses just fade away. I would dally with her for more of the time but lately I have just been too busy. I know I know nobody should ever be too busy for the Goddess of Love. I may kick myself for these choices later but it feels like what I need to do for now.

VIRGO - Oh you can all stop whining about mercury retrograde. It only happens 3 times a year for 3 little weeks and I find that if I pay attention it only really slows me down long enough that I organize my life and withdraw into it so that I can focus on my opportunities and make the most of them. I am not procrastinating, I am simply waiting for the right time.

LIBRA - I like the subtle change in the air and I am so sensitive to my surroundings. I can also feel my desires being piqued by some of the new communications that are coming through from the four directions.
Seems like somebody wants to fill up my dance card or at least spend a lot of time with me. I like it too, feels good to be wanted for a change. Yep, I have a song in my heart, a twinkle in my eye and some spring in my step.

SCORPIO - I can be subtle or intense, all depends on who I want to be at the time, what will get me closer to my deepest desires. Some don't like to travel to the places I like to go but that's OK because I love my solitude and can get lost in the dark chocolate sweetness of my own world. Some feel magnetized by the depth of my eyes and wander closer and closer til they are submerged in hot water.

SAGITTARIUS - The wind is whistling beneath my wings as I stretch and explore the energies that have been lying dormant since the Spring. I feel the soul of a Shaman rumbling inside of me singing freedom, freedom, fly away into the sun or to the moon but whatever you do you must leave soon. Shall I take a plane a train or an automobile or shall I just find a good movie with surround sound. Either way, I need to shift this reality .

CAPRICORN - Plutonic, volcanic, supersonic what will be my tonic tonight as I wander over my options or lack thereof. No one can accuse me of not working hard enough or trying hard enough so my conscience is clear but it is not clarity I seek but something more magical more transformational. a road out of the place that I dwell. I no longer want to buy and sell my future which is now , not later and its my turn.

AQUARIUS - I am flying so high without a net or even a wing or a prayer. I will take my chances with some good prayers as I slide further into the Neptunian soup, the sea of possibilities. Too much freedom can be a scary thing free falling, no boundaries and no obstructions just moving forward at warp speed on this new ride.Not even sure if I feel more pleasure or pain at the "not knowing."

Swing low sweet karmic wheel and keep me on an even keel.

PISCES - The sky's the limit and is that even true? Seems more like the heavens have opened up showering us with lightning bolts and baskets of stars. Finding pathways through this maze of inner space and outer rebellion can make for a powerful but dangerous journey. My excitement is full tilt boogie and I want to dance to the beats of those different drummers pounding just beyond my view.

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