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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lesbian Koalas Upstage Tennis Star Andy Roddick

In a recent interview with tennis star Andy Roddick, a camera man quickly finds the background activity to be more compelling then the interview, so much so that at times, the video show's only the tennis star's left shoulder. So what is in the background that is so interesting? The answer is Koalas getting busy in a tree, but not just any Koalas, they happen to both be female.

Brisbane's Lone Pine Sanctuary senior wildlife officer Karen Nilsson said the female koalas, which are normally kept separate from the males, express a readiness to mate by engaging in sex sessions with other females.

"When they are ready to be with a male, one of the things they do to express that is to pretend to mate another female," she said.

"As what happened with Sprite and Saffron, they often start in one position and then swap so they both get a turn."

Ms Nilsson also mentioned that Roddick was lucky that the koalas weren't as vocal as they normally were, and that only two of the koalas were involved.

"If they are all in season we have seen three or four of them together just going for it."

"People think koalas don't do anything but there are heaps of things going on behind the scenes that nobody knows about."

The loved-up koalas have made world headlines, with major British newspapers and American television stations picking up the footage.

You can check the lesbian Koalas for yourself in the video below.

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