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Sunday, September 20, 2009

October Lesbian Horoscopes


The wild winds blow the Fall into our lives with a radical and intense flavor. We are out from under the retrograde Mercury of September when nothing was as it seemed and so much communication might have just as well fallen into the crapper for the good that it did.

We have all been dealing with a lot of intense push and pull as Saturn and Uranus do their bizarre tango between the old and the new leaving us somehow in the middle but in the middle of what we may be asking?

October 4 is the Full Moon in Aries, known in some cultures as the Blood Moon. I have learned over many years to take this time seriously and only place myself in an environment that is uplifting and positive as this moon can bring out some violent tendencies and road rage.

Mars and Uranus will be in harmony while Mercury, the planet of communication will be in opposition for that day or two so basically the more radical and unusual the better.Those planetary aspects could give rise to some fierce debates with neither side seeing the others perspective. No telling what kind of bizarre happenings might jump off around the world with these energies at play.

Given the unusual acting out we have seen over the last few weeks one can only wonder what might be coming down the pike.I get the feeling that there will be some new and unexpected players on the world stage that could really change the mix.

By the 12th of the month, Venus will have caught up with Saturn as both sextile Mars adding some interesting dynamics in the relationship sphere. This could very well be a time to make a commitment and really get serious about making it work!

By Oct.30, Saturn finally makes its first journey out of Virgo into Venus ruled Libra and should really bring some changes with it as it squares Pluto. Typically when Saturn and Pluto are in challenging aspect we can have the experience of serious survival issues. Could be a crisis regarding the economy or even a health crisis. Perhaps this will stimulate a true improvement with our health care system.

As the moon rises on Halloween,we can all feel our Ancestors standing in the shadows trying to lift the veil collectively for the evolution and salvation of the planet. We would do well to put our ears to the ground and really LISTEN listen listen sshhhhh it's written on the wind and you can feel it in your skin when we are together, when you are alone!

ARIES - My own Full Moon! Love it and I can feel the call of the wild drawing me to forest or the mountains or even the club. I got to move it move it ya know. I want what I want and I want it now, Never mind patience and planning , I am all out so don't make me pout be mine Believe me you you will be so glad, no doubt.

TAURUS - With the whole planetary pileup in Libra, the Venus energy is moving and grooving albeit not as physically as I like it. I mean I am a Material Girl so if you want it then ya better put a ring on it uh oh oh ...and while you are at it let's kick DOMA to the curb already so that if I should be so lucky to find that permanent love I seek, then I could go to the chapel of love and get married too!

GEMINI - Well, I am just glad that old murky Mercury is out of retrograde again because it just botches all my intricate layers of plans. You can't imagine how crazy it can get. Now when I try to have lunch with Mary, a movie with Joan, and dinner with my sister all in one day it can all happen like clock work. I love a day like that actually buzz buzz love feeling my social butterfly self touching all the flowers in my life.

CANCER - I am still feeling the heat and zing of having Mars in my sign. Geez did I get a lot done even with the retro. Felt like my world was on fire and it was up to me to catch up however, I do remember that it was me that lit all those fires which now need tending if I am to reap the rewards of my efforts and not just find some cool charcoal.I must now engage my nurturing skills which are substantial.

LEO - Sorry Cancer don't cry but Mars is mine after the 17th and I know just how to use Fire believe me. I mean even though the Sun isn't in my sign anymore, I stay pretty hot no matter the season. With Mars lighting my fire so to speak, there's no telling what I might do. Stand by me if you need a little light or a lot of heat 'cause I will have it covered and let's face it who can shine like me?

VIRGO - Shine all you like. I am just so psyched to get Saturn off of my back for a little while at least. It will be most refreshing not to have old lead planet Saturn to challenge my every move. Have to say it has taught me to think things through so that I can make a more stable and secure life for myself but what a wet blanket I have become. I am ready for some fun. Venus is still flitting around in my sign for a little and will even slow dance with Saturn so I had best seize my moment!

LIBRA - It's my birthday and I like it , it's my birthday hope you're coming. Venus is coming and bringing Mercury, the Sun, and the New Moon on the 17th so all I need now are the stars and the Universe will be mine in one lovely pink peaceful ball of light.I can feel my heart opening already at the thought. No time like the present to open one's heart and feel it overflow with that's a birthday present.

SCORPIO - I think that I will just sit back and watch the fireworks as the rest of you sputter and play out all manner of fantasies while I concoct a few of my own and believe me, mine will be better and hotter and by the end of the month the Sun will be mine! I kind of prefer the dark but a nite light can be fun. I wait all year for the veil to be thin enough for all the ancestors to walk amongst us so let's not waste the opportunity.

SAGITTARIUS - Life has been so much freer this year, it's just amazing and it is allowing me to make bigger plans for myself than before as well as think bigger in general. This economy has had me more grounded in the travel department but the concepts that have been rattling around in my brain have shown me that I can create and have inspirational experiences right in my own backyard.

CAPRICORN - Saturn, you old devil, you keep your gassy little three rings out of my field don't you think that Pluto is tough enough for me? I know you are going to come square Pluto in my sign towards mid month but don't go wrecking everything. I am scrambling as fast as I can to claw out a living in this dung heap of an economy and I'd like to think that we have seen the worst of it.I know you are my ruling planet so please be gentle. You know I work harder than anyone you know.

AQUARIUS - Now that Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have broken up their little menage, til December anyway, I feel like I can breathe on my own a little. I mean I can still feel then because they are till in my sign but they aren't as troublesome because I can sort out who needs what which is really half the trouble.I still feel like my spirit has been logging some serious frequent flyer miles.

PISCES - I was getting pretty good at body surfing through the wild Uranian surf that has been tossing white water all over my serene beach and actually even liked the thrill of it all until that damn Saturn had to come along and sit 180 degrees away. It's like a big wave and then no water at all. A girl could get hurt riding a wave like that.

My whole body is feeling like a piece of taffy being pulled from one end and the other. The good news is that influence is all but gone as October unfolds. Take me to a good chiropractor!

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