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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

San Francisco's Gay-Friendly Radio Station Gone

There really are no words to express how disappointed I was last Friday when I jumped in my truck, turned on the radio, which was set to Energy 92.7, and found that they had been replaced with some top 40 music station. Come on... like San Francisco needs another top 40's music station?

Energy 92.7 was different then most radio stations, not only were they independently owned, but they played pure dance music, had many OUT DJs and catered to the LGBT community, as well as everyone else.

So after spending the weekend wondering what happened, I read on SF that last Thursday evening new ownership took over the station, the Energy employees were all let go, and the format changed from pure dance music to top-40 mainstream.

"The station lasted five years," according to Jason Dahlstedt, producer of KNGY's show "Fernando and Greg in the Morning. "When it launched, everybody said it wouldn't make it past a year." KNGY owner Joe Bayliss of Flying Bear Media has informed the staff of the sale a few months ago, but KNGY kept going until the check had cleared.

Energy 92.7 will be sorely missed!!!

1 comment:

pussreboots said...

We're missing it too. It's terrible to see such a vibrant station go like that. You should read the reviews of the new format on yelp. They are hilarious.


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