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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lesbian Online Dating Rules

With the increased popularity of online dating there has arisen a need for a new set of dating rules. Through a bit of research, some experience and quite a few mistakes of my own, I have come up with some lesbian online dating rules.

Step 1: Honesty, Honesty, Honesty - Starting with your own profile, all the way down to your photos, just be honest. Any little exaggerations (including taking 20 lbs off your actual weight or using a 15 year old) will all be found out eventually, should you decide to one day meet your date in person.

Step 2: Read her profile - I realize that while browsing through the vast expanse of profiles on various dating sites that you may come upon someone who appears to be “the woman of your dream," well, visually anyhow. And although you may find her breathtaking, here is a little tip… read her profile!!! If nothing more than to make sure you have enough in common to actually start a conversation. She will appreciate your attention to detail, and you will thank yourself if by chance this so-called "woman of your dreams,” makes mention in her profile of her need to stay in the state due to her last felony conviction. (Hey, anything is possible)

Step 3: Send more than just a wink - If you have taken the time to read someone’s profile, and you feel you have enough in common to start a conversation, then do just that...start a conversation. Now there is no need to send her your entire life story in the first email. Start out with a paragraph or 2 and maybe throw in a few things you read in her profile that you have in common.

Step 4: Take a little time, but not too much - I understand that sometimes lesbians (this includes myself) want to jump into all the "good" stuff when we meet someone new. However, when meeting online it is usually best to take a little time and get to know the person a bit. Try exchanging numbers and talking on the phone before actually meeting in person. Now on the other hand, don't wait months and months before you meet either or you may end up with high expectation only to find you spent 2 months chatting with someone you have absolutely no chemistry with.

Step 5: Safety First - I know that this may sound trite, and it is something you have heard before, but ladies please, when you go to meet someone for the first time, pick a public place and let someone know where you will be. It is important, and even if you think your safe, you never know whom you have actually been talking to, so better to err on the cautious side.

Step 6: Don't Give up - I realize the whole "online dating" experience can get a bit overwhelming and even a little depressing at times, but don't give up. If the first person you email doesn't respond, try someone else. Yes, it is possible that some women may not be interested in you, but it is also possible that the recipient isn't a paying member of that site, or the email went to spam, or a million other things. So don't take it personally, take another try, and eventually, you will meet someone, the odds truly are in your favor.

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