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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Living Beyond Break, Shake, and Quake Ups

Or, What’s a Girl To Do in Times Like These?
by Judith Kinney

Lately, I’ve been writing about thriving after a break up, feeling the economy shift, and thinking about earthquakes. I’m thrilled to share a perspective on upheaval that can support and inspire you to continue deliberately creating the life you desire.

From a law of attraction perspective, you are always creating your experience through the energy your thoughts exude. In other words, your external life experience is a reflection of your internal thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This creation process is always occurring, and applies to individuals, our country, and world.

Additionally, there is constant dynamic exchange between your thoughts and your experiences. Sometimes the dissonance between the life you’ve created and who you’ve become results in a build up of energy. A significant shift must occur to realign your life. Thus, break ups, earthquakes and economic shake ups happen in response to a quest for a new equilibrium.

The releasing of built up energy also creates a prime time to assert what is important to you. Isn’t it easy to notice and express “HEY, I don’t want this, I want ______!!!!!” whenever your status quo is disrupted? Your clear desire for stability, opportunity, love, or whatever, summons the universe with a power that is potentially equal to how these events are unfolding in your life.

Briefly, here are three steps to inspire you during these wide open times.

  1. Believe in, and clarify your desires.
  2. Be willing to ride the wave of certainty-yes, you will have what you want, even when you are not clear how and when you’ll receive your desires. AND
  3. Be willing to take inspired action to spin momentum in your direction.
Note: Actually, taking inspired action on a regular basis is a fabulous way to keep your energy flowing smoothly, and preventing pent of energy and emotion.

And, here are six steps to support your inspired action.
  1. Tap into what you really want. Ask yourself, “What’s my vision for my life”?
  2. Be willing to face your worst fear, AND realize that it is a fear, and has nothing to do with reality.
  3. Stay in the present; focusing on the past and/or the future are fuel for your fears. I often use the phrase, “in this moment, all is well” to access relief that is always available in the present moment.
  4. Engage your strengths. What do you like about how you’ve dealt with previous moments of upheaval that you can you apply in today’s situation?
  5. Take action when you feel clear and relaxed.
  6. Most importantly, surround yourself with love, and find time for fun.
Ok, I’m going to keep saying it; these are still the best of days. And, you, my friend are in a perfect spot to conjure the peace, freedom, opportunity, and love that fuel your dreams.

If you want more, join other lesbian, bi and queer women in my four week, Thriving After a Break Up tele-class starting Monday, October 6th.

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