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Monday, November 3, 2008

Have What You Want

"It is easier to have what you want, than what you think you can have." -Michael Neill

Do you ever wonder if your desires are unrealistic? Do you reduce your standards as your body shows its age, the value of your stocks drop, or when true love seems elusive? I know I occasionally forget that I get to have exactly what I want. Michael's statement above has become my personalized pot of gold lately, inspiring me as I move through my day. Of course I want to share it with you!

Why is it is easier to have exactly what you want than what you think you can get? As you know, the universe matches the energy contained within your beliefs and sends you what you're expecting to receive. When you focus on what you really want, you'll naturally send out pure energy that is in concert with your true self. Your energy becomes expansive whether you choose to move toward your heart's desire one step at a time, or in leaps and bounds.

I know you've experienced this in your life. You've gotten the job, salary, entrance into the school, and/or the date you really wanted. You've tapped into the inner knowing and easy flow that comes when you're aligned with your desires. This is the energy of pure desire.

Conversely, you drag fear with you on your quest when you settle for what you think you can get. Your fear becomes a dominant part of what you're attracting. You've experienced this too when your "just in case" approach to work, love, and or health becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, yes?

Let's highlight the energetic contrast of these two approaches to life. Take a few minutes with each scenario below, notice what your energy and body feel like.

Begin by thinking about something that you really want. Imagine yourself having it.

Now, suggest to yourself that you're being unrealistic, and adjust your desires accordingly.

What's your level of enthusiasm with each choice? What's your body's response to each option?

Which energy do you want to be sending out to the universe?

How would your life be different if you approached life with this energy?

I've found that the easiest way for me to normalize this approach in my life is by simply repeating this phrase throughout the day:

"It is easier for me to have what I want, than what I think I can get" "What do I want?"

I find my life naturally and effortlessly adjusts toward what I really want. It's amazing! Try it and let me know how your life evolves!

Judy Kinney is a Law of Attraction Coach for lesbian, bi and queer women seeking love like you know it can be. Find her at

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