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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Permission Granted!

by Judy Kinney

I was mad and sad Wednesday when California’s Prop 8 passed. I was resolved that the other propositions would pass, but I was counting on Californians to be smarter, dammit! After a few minutes of sliding into despair, I stopped. I realized that wanting someone else to sanction me and my love was a slippery slope. I know that this yearning is a danger zone, and is completely unnatural. Of course, the ability to create the life, love, and family we desire is the most basic right available to each of us!!

Do we need a law to make this true? No! It is just true. Since acting on your love is THAT true, THAT basic, you’re completely free to create your life. Remember that the universal law of attraction wants you to flourish, but ensures that whatever you focus on expands.

What do you want? What are your core desires?

  • Love?
  • Health?
  • Prosperity?
  • Understanding?
  • Community?
  • Happiness?
  • Freedom?

Each of these desires is naturally and readily available to you as you turn your attention in that direction and claim it. Consider that there are at least a zillion ways to create your life, love, and family.

Think about it. You are completely free to create your life and love. What’s your pleasure? I revel in knowing that society’s natural progressive movement is advanced each and every time you act on what feels good to you.

Personally, my life is far too enjoyable to seek, or wait for permission, sanction or understanding from others (especially people that I don’t even know!). Can I confess that I can’t identify a single part of my life that would be better if I could legally marry my sweetie?

AND, I hope you always feel completely free to create and enjoy your life as you desire!!

Thank you! The world is a much better place because you’re here! Enjoy it all!

Judy Kinney is a Law of Attraction Coach for lesbian, bi and queer women seeking love & life like they know it can be. You can also find her at

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