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Monday, November 10, 2008

Lesbian Parent's Attacked at Child's School

Last week in Toronto Canada, a lesbian couple was physically attacked by another parent outside of their children's elementary school.

The local news reported, "Ms. Dimitriou, 30, and her lesbian partner Jane Currie, 37, said Friday they still can’t believe what happened. 'He [Mark Scott] clocked me right in the face, like right in the side of my face, and I hit my truck and I couldn’t see anything, like I blacked out,' Ms. Dimitriou said. 'I was awake but I could hear everything but I just couldn't see anything. Then I think he clocked me again right in the top of my head.'

Anji Dimitriou said she was helping her son put his backpack into the car when another child’s father came toward her and began yelling, "which of you two men spoke to my kid? Fucking dyke lesbians." Then "out of nowhere" he spit in her face and punched her."

Jane Currie saw what was happening to her partner and rushed over. “I had said to him, ‘you asshole what are you doing? You just beat a woman’ (then) bang I got it” she said.

To make matters worse, the attack occurred in front of the couple's three children, the attacker's children, and other kids at a school.

“Kids were screaming. Little kids. It happened right where kids go to get on the school bus. They were so afraid,” Jane said as she began to cry. “You try and explain that to your kids. They’re petrified. So scared they can’t sleep at night.”

Durham Regional Police Sgt. Paul McCurbin said Mark Scott, 43, of Oshawa faces two charges of assault causing bodily harm in connection with the incident.

School officials said a “no trespass” order has also been issued by the school.

Ontario News

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