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Friday, December 12, 2008

Be Organized for the Holidays!

Tips for a Simplified and Stress-less Holiday from Karen Ussery.

Give up having to have a "perfect" holiday season. Write down what is truly important to you, and make sure that happens. Let the rest go.

Keep a "Gift Idea" list for your loved ones. Use it when you get that perfect idea, or when they mention something they want.

Shop on-line or by catalog. It costs a bit more with shipping, but it's worth not having to deal with the mall!

Have your gifts wrapped for you. Many stores and on-line shops provide this service, some even at no charge.

If you have a party, have it catered. Hire someone to clean your house as well.
Just say no to parties and events you really don't want to attend. Make sure you schedule "down time" for yourself to really enjoy the season.

Most importantly, take care of yourself: eat fruits and veggies (as well as chocolate!) get a massage, buy yourself a present when you're shopping, and remember to breathe deeply. When you get stressed, say this:

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Let it go!"

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