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Monday, December 29, 2008

2009? Oh Wait, I Already Did That!

by Judy Kinney

I want to suggest that you try time travel as a fabulous substitute for New Year’s resolutions. No need for secret decoder rings or a Star Trek transporter, all you need is a few minutes and your imagination!

Besides, time travel is really a misnomer since quantum physicists have demonstrated how the past, present, and future are simultaneously occurring. Thankfully, you don’t need to understand any of this to tap into it’s power to create the life you desire.

Here’s all the science you really need to know: EVERYTHING is energy, and the Universe interprets all energy, whether conjured up in your memory, your imagination or experience, the same. Energy constantly, and magnetically, attracts similar energy.

Want a breakthrough 2009? Conjure up the energy that goes with your dreams.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of toying with time keeps my energy light, easy and adventurous. Which is in striking contrast to how my body tightens at the mere THOUGHT of coming up with a traditional list of New Year’s resolutions!

I LOVE it when life is this obvious!

A Time Traveler’s Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions:

Set aside at least 30 minutes, and consider recording or writing down your responses to this exercise.

Step 1
Let your mind travel through time, one year into the future. Imagine being at a New Year’s Eve dinner with friends, where you’re all celebrating and chatting about this past year, 2009.

Begin by imagining a few details. Where are you? Who is at the table with you? What are you wearing? Consider embellishing the scene with scents, sounds, colors, and how your body feels.

Step 2
Again, it is the energy that you’re really going for here, let yourself really BE how you’d like to imagine yourself being a year from now.

Then, imagine answering your various friends’ questions (feel free to answer any/all):

  • What are your highlights from this past year?
  • What are you most thankful for?
  • What’s your proudest accomplishment? What are some key moments that contributed to this achievement?
  • What surprised you the most?
  • How did love (or courage, vision, fun) play a role in creating this year?
  • What excites you about 2010?

Step 3
When you feel satisfied, send out a HUGE thanks to the Universe for creating this fabulous, beyond your dreams, year with you!

Stash your recording or writing in a place where you can review it as 2009 transitions into 2010.

Step 4
Enjoy! Relax! Have a blast!

Each moment, and each day of 2009 is bringing your dreams to fruition!

JudyKinney is a Law of Attraction Coach for lesbian, bi and queer women who are creating the life of their dreams. Find her at

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