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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


By Judy Kinney

I'm noticing a lot of women talking, and writing about wanting more balance in their life. Does this include you? If so, I love that you're tapped into knowing that you really do create your life, and that DEFINITELY includes feeling good. However, I believe that much of what we've been taught about balance often leads to frustration. Instead, I'd like to suggest that relief comes as you nurture, and align with your ever evolving self.

In fact, in his book Harmonic Wealth, James Ray bluntly states, "balance is bogus, and you don't want it." He uses the metaphor of a balanced scale to illustrate that balance reflects inactivity. When nothing is happening, you're literally or figuratively dead. My keen sense tells me that this is NOT what you're wanting!

Consider that you are always evolving into a "new normal" version of yourself. You may be sleeping, watching TV, or chatting with friends, but you're always adjusting to new information with expanded desires. From this perspective, being out of balance indicates your natural growth and movement toward your goals. If you're frustrated and/or stressed, know that you've merely outgrown your thoughts. NO BIG DEAL!

Take a moment and consider how claiming your ever evolving self would shift your perspective on life. How would your life be different?

Are you ready to hum with an expanded sense of harmony and alignment? Yes? You may find alignment, merely by asking or stating:

"How will I create harmony in my life today?" or

"I'm feeling out of sorts, but I know I'm naturally re-aligning with my desires." or

"I'll let my thoughts and beliefs evolve along with my desires."

You also may be ready for an in depth personal inventory to clarify your purpose and desires. I'll expand on clarifying your purpose later this week, but for now look at your level of satisfaction in these areas.

Spiritual: Your connection to that energy that is bigger than you, but within you.
Relationships: With EVERYBODY, including your lover/partner, people you date, family, community, and colleagues.

Mental health: How your thoughts create a positive sense of self.
Physical health: The ability to do what you want physically, the way you want to do it.

The amount of cash and gifts you receive.
Material assets/gifts: What you do with your money.

Then pick an area that has your attention, and ask yourself, "What's ONE thing I'd enjoy doing to align with my desires?" And go with what ever pops up first in your mind, while noticing, and enjoying an increased flow in your life.

Judy Kinney is a Law of Attraction Coach for lesbian, bi and queer women who are creating a loving and prosperous life. You can also find her at

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