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Monday, January 26, 2009

Lesbian Horoscopes for February 2009

Flash Silvermoon's February 2009 Horoscopes.

I must apologize that last month's murky Mercury retrograde was so shady it even flew under my radar, so sorry I didn't give you all the usual head's up. If things went sort of haywire with your communications and electrical appliances OOPS.

This month will be much better in that regard and as we begin with a direct Mercury and a Grand Trine in Earth signs on Feb 2 just in time for Candlemas, Imbloc, and Groundhog Day. This should feel like a very stabilizing energy for us all and bodes well for the new administration, putting the brakes on the runaway economy.

With Jupiter newly in Aquarius, as well as several other planets, we can also expect a wave of optimism. Jovial expansive Jupiter also conjoined the Mid-heaven of Obama's chart on Inauguration Day, so that energy should help put some positive winds of change at his back, as we all sweep out the grime and corruption from the dark reign of King George and Dirty Dick. I tell ya, they will need a ton of sage to burn in some giant clam shell at the not so very White House to even attempt to exorcise the joint!

The Lunar Eclipse on the 9th could bring up some complex and intense feelings though and some of the world's hot spots could blow wide open if negotiations don't succeed. Try and be mindful to turn down the drama channel at least for the day as one may tend to make a mountain out of a molehill.

The Saturn/Uranus Opposition that sparked the Obama win continues to influence the early part of the month underscoring the need for a shift from the old regime to one that is more enlightened, progressive and yet responsible as well.

As the Feast of Aphrodite rolls around (my name for what is wrongly called St. Valentine's Day), the quirky idealistic Aquarian energy will be dominating our lives in a sweet way and should herald a good time to make commitments to loved ones but just don't talk it to death. The magic carpet may well pull up to your door around the 22 so enjoy the ride. This will be a wonderful weekend to be social and perhaps to find the partner of your dreams! Come out come out where ever you are.

ARIES - I love the idea of a feast of Aphrodite. Now that's my kind of holy day and I hear that real pagans celebrate for a whole week! So...let's get busy now that we have a fresh breeze blowing sweet kisses in all directions. BTW Venus will be in my sign this month too.

TAURUS - I've been too concerned about my income to be very outgoing, but Aphrodite can bring out my inner love Goddess anytime and frankly I would welcome that in these challenging times. I don't quite get all this abstract philosophical stuff, but sensuality, well that really is my bottom line.

GEMINI - Lovin' that Aquarian breeze at my back and it puts me in the mood to be in the center of a social whirlwind. I really need to meet some new folks so that my dance card can have a little diversity. I can feel a new screenplay or at least a novella on my to do list.

CANCER - I rarely feel like embracing change because I find it so unsettling, yet my emotions change daily. However, this feels like a good time to just unload the old karmic sack and change the dross and lead to gold. I am the cauldron of transformation and its high time to stir it up.

LEO - Ch-ch-ch-ch changes time to great the strange! All that Aquarian energy opposing me could be quite interesting and ever so stimulating. I can feel more of a blending of my heart and head offering me some new ways to look at things and not take them so personally. But isn't it really still all about me?

VIRGO - I guess that I am getting used to this more restricted feeling, but the energy needs to lighten up or at least enlighten up. My nerves are sort of fried and I badly need a vacation from some of the responsibilities that I seem to always take on.

LIBRA - Ummm... fresh air makes me feel romantic and feisty, and I am feeling the urge to merge or at least date. My sense of fairness is really having a hay-day with the new administration, as I finally see the hope and possibilities for full civil rights instead of civil wrongs.

SCORPIO - I feel the contagious joy spreading a bit, but I want to watch from the shadows to observe what is really happening. Maybe I am a little suspicious or jaded and I don't want to rain on the parade. Meanwhile back in Aphrodite land, a lot of good stuff can happen to a new gal in the hood. Come up and see me sometime.

SAGITTARIUS - Won't everybody be surprised when they see me flying that magic carpet? Babe I am ready to take this ship anywhere. You'd think I was flying a helicopter the way I have been hovering, just thinking about making the changes that are so necessary. Well, the time has come today.

CAPRICORN - I must remember that the word responsibility means the ability to respond. It is simply no longer useful to knee-jerk my way around life being duty bound to the point that life resembles a straight jacket and I am not even straight! Saying no to someone other than myself would be a step in the right direction.

AQUARIUS - Well we all know that I am profoundly grooving on this Uranian ride. I am getting zapped by energies left, right and center, and the opportunities are flying by faster than I can grab them until Neptune spins them out into the ethers. I look forward to teaching and learning much this year.

PISCES - I can't say that my life has no flare. Seems like every day feels like a romp in one of my 3 ring circuses. It's all good too. Hell, I don't even necessarily stay in this dimension. While Venus plays in my sign, I am hoping that Aphrodite brings me someone to time travel with or at least share my broom.



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