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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Proposed California Tax on Veterinary Services

So, I know this isn't exactly related to lesbians, however, many of the lesbians I know have animals and this proposed tax would effect them, so I thought it necessary to get this information out.

Have you heard of the proposed California tax on veterinary services?

The Governor would like to categorize veterinary costs as "luxury" items and apply a 10.5% sales tax on all veterinary services. Times are tough, we don't need to make them life or death decisions for dogs, cats and other animals.

A tax increase will negatively impact a lot of people and, more importantly, will mean an increase in unnecessary euthanasia and relinquishment because people simply cannot afford the added costs.

Take a moment to call the Governor's office as well as contact your state representatives in the assembly and senate to condemn this unnecessary and cruel tax.

Calling the Governor's office is easy:
1) 916-445 -2841
2) Select your language choice
3) Press 5 to leave an opinion on a current hot issue
4) Press 1 to select the issue of extending the sales to include veterinary services
5) Press 2 to oppose this proposal

To find out who your representative is:
Input your zip code to find the contact information. Please do this today.

A vote on this issue could occur at any time and be implemented as soon as February of this year.

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