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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monthly horoscopes for the lesbian community

I would like to introduce a new addition to the blog, Flash Silvermoon. Flash is a nationally acclaimed psychic, astrologer, musician, teacher and author. She has been a leader in her field since the early 70's and has been serving the community for 31 years as a psychic astrologer and healer.

"My forecasts are not your Mama's Astrology Column. Aren't you tired of listening to an astrologer or psychic who get the pronouns all wrong? Wouldn't it be nice to talk with someone who speaks Lesbanese?

I like to give the signs and planets a voice so that they can really tell it like it is. It can be like you talking to you, from deep inside, giving you a message that resonates. For a better understanding of these messages from the cosmos, also read your rising and moon signs if you know them."

January 2009
What an absolutely incredible finish to 2008! Now we move forward to the wild ride of 2009. We feel freer to embrace a new day wholeheartedly even with a horrendous economic picture looming over us.

I see a New Year full of great promise and fraught with great challenges that will begin to alleviate in February and continue in that direction as spring and the new regime unfolds. It took us at least 8 years for the powers that be to create this mess and it will take some time to undo but at least we will have some of the tools and energies in place to begin the healing.

ARIES - There's plenty of wild air in the stars to light my fire. I am so so ready for a New Year that I can taste it. My senses are on high alert and I am a heat seeking ram this season. No better way to stay warm than rolled up in bed with your sweetie.

TAURUS - More earth signs in the heavens brings me joy. My budget got slashed and burned and my little Taurian heart is not quite happy about that but as usual I will go after quality not quantity and be happy for all I do have.

GEMINI - Quite honestly sometimes I can just be happy no matter what and feeling the buzz and stir of this new year is filling me with excitement and anxiety. It all depends on which twin gets a hold of me first and which one I let dominate my day.

CANCER - I tend to like more security in my life than I am seeing immediately evident yet my intuition tells me that the changes will do us all good and that the winds of change that are blowing will blow me right into a more fabulous year ahead.

LEO - Oh Cancer you must be thinking of fabulous me. Don't you really need a Leo in your life? Doesn't everyone? This weather makes me feel even more passionate than usual and it feels like a fine time to get myself to as many parties as I can manage so that no one will feel slighted and I can make lots of new friends.

VIRGO - I am simply not going to allow the need to tighten my belt dampen my enthusiasm. There are so many ways to feel festive and joyful and old grumpy Saturn will be my friend. I can refurbish some old toys and gadgets and make them like new for special friends. Necessity is the mother of invention.

LIBRA - Once upon a time there was a sweet woman and she yearned for a mate of her own. She lit her holiday candles, burned a Yule log, and decked her halls with holly and mistletoe and lo and behold what do you think she found in her stocking............? See next month's Astroflash.

SCORPIO - Silent night, I like that and being caught alone with you while the snow piles up around our cabin simply means a good excuse for us to lay next to the roaring fire. What happens next I will leave to your imagination and yes, I do love secrets and this can be ours. Hell even if we live near palm trees, we can turn on the AC and pretend.

SAGITTARIUS - My magic carpet is drawing me close making me jones for a real vacation. Prices are down but my bills are up. Maybe a good creative visualization will correct both issues. Still perhaps an exotic meal under candlelight or moonlight and mystical music will soothe my soul's wanderlust. If not, anybody got some frequent flyer miles for me?

CAPRICORN - This pile up of planets in Capricorn is keeping a lot on my plate but then again I do like it like that. Kind of makes me feel important and I am. If we all had my work ethic, half of the problems would already be gone. When things are in order then I am the first one to want to run out and play. Just seems like things are never in that much order.

AQUARIUS - I am loving all these planets in Aquarius especially Venus. Oh yes girl come to me now. This could be a wilder ride than usual and I am ready. I have felt so weird and spacey for a log time while Neptune worked me over with her siren song and now at least there is an object of my affection.

PISCES - I don't think that I can remember a time when more opportunities were literally popping like flash bulbs all around me. Its all good as they say but a little confusing and hard to prioritize which is what it will take to reap all the benefits. My ship has come in and its the Mothership!

For more understanding, read the passage for your Rising and Moon Signs if you know them. My style is different from most and I find that by giving a voice to the signs and planets one can get the feel of the energy even better.

For a more detailed astrology report, or a personal reading, visit Flash's website at

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