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Friday, January 9, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage Foes Want Donors Anonymous

In a recent article put out by the Associated Press, it was announced that supporters of California's Proposition 8 are trying to have all records of their campaign donations blocked from public view.

Supporters stated that revealing their campaign donations has led to death threats and other forms of harassment against those who donated money to the gay marriage ban.

Prop 8 campaign donators announced their lawsuit on Thursday, just one day after it was filed in federal court in Sacramento. They have also requested that the secretary of state's office remove the donator's names already reported on their Web site.

The lawsuit also asks that the court prohibit the state from requiring Proposition 8 supporters to file final reports detailing donations made shortly before and after the election.

Now don't get me wrong, I do not condone harassment or threats of any kind, but with GLBT hate crimes up all over the US, maybe it isn't so awful for the prop 8 supporters to feel a little fear and perhaps get a tiny glimpse of what it is like for some of the GLBT community everyday...just a thought.


barb elgin said...

u r so, so right. most right wingers think 'hate crimes' don't exist and don't need to be separately addressed! perhaps having to deal with reality a bit (the consequences of actions) will teach them something...we can only hope.

Advizor said...

This is a great approach. In order to reduce hate, allow gay people to hate more.

This is another example of the "give me tolerance while I vilify you" school of thought the pervades the gay/straight debate.

All Prop 8 supporters are asking for is the same protection that the Gay community is demanding, that is the right to hold politically unpopular opinions without getting death threats.


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