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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Quandary with Goals

by Judy Kinney

Ok, two weeks into the new year. Have you met your goals for this year, yet? Ha! of course I’m just teasing. . .

Was it just me, or did you wade through a new year goal frenzy too?

First, I found myself repelled by the “be all you can be” type new year goal promotions. Last week, I even told myself that I was NOT going NEAR the gym until next month or later! Sure, I’m laughing now, but I was struck by the depth of my reaction to these type of goals.

Then a slew of messages, expressing the idea that “I’m already fabulous,” grabbed my attention. THAT perspective felt great! In contrast to the other message, I got excited about my life, and was ready to dive into my amazing relationships, and work.

Whew! I know which approach I’m using! Here’s why a feel good approach to goals is effective.

We’re evolving creatures-always have been, and always will be. You evolve whether you’re sitting on the couch day dreaming or running your 10th marathon! There’s just no escaping your personal evolution. From this perspective, our attraction to personal improvement, goals, and New Year resolutions make sense, because they tap into our innate desire to expand.

Consider that your goals reflect what your soul already knows is true about you. On some level, you know that you’re ALREADY that savvy business woman , or the mom, lovingly in the middle of her family, or that 145 lb strong and sexy woman. Yes, that is exactly who you are!

And yet, your mind needs to catch up to what our soul understands for your true self to emerge. Until then, you might believe that you need to have, do, or think the right thing to be who you want to be.

Can you see that the quandary that setting goals creates? How do you become who you already are? No wonder new year resolutions are so easy to break, they’re unnecessary!

Think about it. How much energy do you expend trying to be the person who you already are?

Yes, of course there is an easier and much more enjoyable way to make room for your true nature to emerge.

Here are two suggestions.
Michael Neill (who I am mentoring with this year) suggests that you take at least a week off from working on yourself in any way. Don’t try to change, improve, or fix yourself - just enjoy hanging out with your work, your hobbies and your loved ones.

Try this exercise. Let me know what you noticed? What brought you joy?

Here’s a second approach.
Look at your goals, or things you want to accomplish this year, and ask yourself:
“How would I live my life if this was already true about me?”

I imagine that there are some beliefs, and actions within your description that you can incorporate in your life right away, yes? Let yourself step into being the person your goals represent. You’re ready, and your goals reflect this.

You’ll create a momentum that the universe will gladly match. Now THAT’S a sweet spot!

Most of all, enjoy, my friend, enjoy!

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