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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The 2008 Lezzys - The All Lesbian Blog Awards

The Lesbian Lifestyle (TLL) has just announced that nominations for their annual "Lesbian Blog of the Year" Awards, otherwise known as "The Lezzys," have just begun.

TLL is a lesbian blog that was created in 2004 and is comprised of over 250 lesbian authors who post stories on a monthly basis. The Lezzys are their way of highlighting the best of the best of lesbian blogs.

Nominations began on Feb 2nd and will go until February 9th. Voting begins on Wednesday, February 11th and will end on February 18th.

This year's catagories are:

  • Best Lesbian Culture/Entertainment Blog
  • Best Lesbian Humor Blog
  • Best Lesbian Parenting/Wedding Blog
  • Best Lesbian Feminism/Political Blog
  • Best Lesbian Personal Blog
  • Best Lesbian 50 and over Blog
  • Best Gender Bender Blog
  • Best Lesbian Sex/Short Story/Erotica Blog
  • Best Overall Lesbian Blog of the Year

The Lezzy Rules

  1. The nominated blogs must be written by a lesbian or contributed to by a lesbian.
  2. The nominated blogs must be current and new content must be continually published.
  3. A blog may be nominated, and may win in more than one of the 9 categories.
  4. Blogs that have won in previous years may win again.
  5. Vote totals are subject to periodic correction for identified cheating.
  6. In the event of identified cheating, the decisions of TLL’s Managing Editor as to the manner of correction is final.
  7. Everyone will be allowed to make 1 nomination in each of the 9 categories within a revolving 24 hour period. Everyone will be allowed 1 vote per category within a revolving 24 hour period. We will be tracking the nominations and votes via email addresses.
  8. Using throw-away email services is prohibited. The nominations and voting submissions will be reviewed for these sort of emails.
  9. TLL’s Managing Editor has the right to disqualify a blog from any category if it is determined that said blog blatantly does not fit into said category.

How the nominations work: The nomination system will allow you to nominate 1 blog per category. You will be able to nominate your favorite blogs once every 24 hours. You will nominate the blogs of your choice by adding the URL of the blog to the nomination field. Nominations will last from February 2-9 and will be tallied on February 10th. The top 3 nominated blogs will then go on to the final voting round.

How voting works: As with nominations you will be allowed 1 vote per category within a 24 hour period. This is being tracked by email accounts so that more than one person can vote from the same computer/IP address. Voting will go from February 11-18. Votes will be tallied and the winners of all 9 categories will be announced on Monday February 23rd.

And hey, if you would like to nominate my blog for one of the catagories, I will be thrilled!

Click here to vote for your favorite lesbian blogs.

Click here for more details from the TLL website.

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