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Monday, February 16, 2009

PETA is taking Sex to the Streets

We are all familiar with the concept that sex sells, especially lesbian sex, but what if the product is vegetarianism?

Well, PETA seems to think so. Following their banned Super Bowl ad, animal rights activists PETA decided to not only push the limits of using sex to sell, but they are taking it to the streets, and I mean that literally.

PETA's "Girl-on -Girl Make-Out Tour" crossed the country last week helping to celebrate Valentine's Day and to further push their "Vegetarians Make Better Lovers," campaign.

The “Girl-on -Girl Make-Out Tour,” which was set up outdoors in various cities across the US, consisted of two scantily-clad young women on a blow-up mattresses making out and posing provocatively. (You can watch a video here.)

When asked the purpose of such a provocative campaign, Ashley Byrne of PETA stated, "This weekend is Valentine's Day, so it is a great time to get the point across that vegetarians have lower rates of impotence and this is also a great way to show off what a healthy vegetarian body looks like."

But it doesn't end there, PETA has created an entire website dedicated to sexy vegetarian women. The site,, comes complete with profiles of each of their lettuce ladies, including Elizabeth Berkley and Pamela Anderson, and links to various videos of Lettuce Lady events, including women's Tofu Westing and the Girl-on Girl Make-Out Tour.

So does anyone really believe that lesbian sex will sell vegetarianism? Are people really going to rush out and change their eating habits because they saw 2 - hot women making out on the street? Is PETA just using this campaign as an excuse to do what so many other commercialized corporations do, appeal to the heterosexual, male-dominated world that fantasizes about 2 women making out?

Comments? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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