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Friday, February 13, 2009

SUCCESS! Hateful Anti-LGBT TV program won't air

This past Wednesday, after local activists sounded the alarm, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) sent out an email alert warning that a Michigan TV station was planning to air an hour-long paid propaganda piece about the "radical homosexual agenda," created by AFA, a right-wing group.

Within one hour of HRC's email alert, the station announced they were pulling the program. So if some of you tried emailing the station and received a bounced back message, it was due to the station shutting down their email server because of the large number of emails they received from concerned citizens.

So if you ever wondered if your letters and emails can make a difference, here is the proof. But don't be fooled, although this is a great success, HRC wants us to remember that this was not a one time thing. The anti-LGBT American Family Association designed this program as a "one-hour national special." They have spared no expense in creating it, and they will not stop their campaign just because one station in Michigan refused to air it. So they are asking us to remain vigilant and email them if we notice "Speechless - Silencing Christians" anywhere in our local TV listings.

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