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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Final Trailer for Lesbian Vampire Killers

I originally posted about LVK back in December, but for those of you who may have already forgotten the plot, I will do a quick synopsis.

The story follows two friends, Fletch and Jimmy, who decide to take a weekend holiday hiking. They find themselves in a remote Welsh village where they are forced by the menfolk to become sacrifices to a gang of lesbian vampires who have enslaved the town’s women all because of some ancient curse.

So, is it sad that after viewing the newest trailer for Lesbian Vampire Killers that I am a bit dissappointed that the film may not be as cheesy as I had originally was lead to believe? Well, what can you do...I just hope that at some point they finally release it in the US, until then, I hope you enjoy the latest teaser....

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