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Friday, April 10, 2009

Butch Voices 2009 Conference

Calling all self identified Butches, Studs, Aggressives and their Allies for the first Annual Butch Voices Conference!

Butch Voices are a group of openminded, gender-bending social justice activists who share a commitment to critical thinking and a common goal of building a powerful, inclusive community for us all.

The conference will take place from August 20 - August 23, 2009 in Oakland, California and will include workshops, panels, and performances, all intended to reflect the diversity and complexity of Butch gender, identity, and action.

This conference will be a great opportunity for Butches to speak, both to one another and to their allies. To talk about why they identify the way they do; about how they can tell their stories when the words available don’t always fit; about masculinity and maleness, femininity and femaleness, areas of overlap; about sex and embodiment; about community and about placelessness; about homelessness and about the search for home.

For more information about the conference, check out Butch Voices Website.

Call for Submissions

Submissions of all kinds are welcome, though they especially welcome those that grapple with difficult questions such as:

• Desire and relationships
• Various “border wars” (and what we can do about them)
• Drag, passing, and failing to pass
• Misogyny
• Penis envy (or our lack thereof)
• Community-building
• Race
• Class
• Trans-generational dialogue
• Culture, faith, and nation.

They particularly encourage proposals by and for people of color, working-class people, and people with disabilities. They hope to draw participants from across disciplinary, social, and formal boundaries. Relevant proposals from non-Butch, Stud, or Aggressive presenters and Allies are also welcome.

Contributions may include, but are not limited to:
• Workshops
• Performances
• Presentations
• Skill shares
• Photography/ visual art
• Video

Click Submissions for more info and to send us your proposals. Submission deadline is May 1, 2009.

Registration is open, and early bird pricing is available. As well as reduced rates for volunteers. Register to get your spot reserved as pricing goes up June 1st, so take advantage of the reduced rates now.

Host Hotel
Be sure to reserve your room at the host hotel for the Butch Voices conference as well -- the Oakland Marriott City Center. Most activities will be housed in the host hotel and it's location in downtown Oakland is close to many nearby restaurants and the BART is right across the street. The cut off date for this is July 31st, so be sure to book your room today.

Photo Project
They have an ongoing photo project as well showcasing the diversity present within our communities regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, ability, size, surgeries, age, hair style, or presentation. They aim to turn these differences/ dividers into bridges to unite our voices as a collective while still celebrating that which makes us unique. Check out the BV Photo Project to add your image to the group, check out some eye candy, or both!

Video Contest

Check out the BV Video Contest where you could create a video and win a free trip to the conference! Submission deadline is May 1, 2009.

They are planning on doing fundraisers for Butch Voices as well. As both a way to connect people who are Butch, Stud, AG identified with each other as well as create connections with allies and raise funds for the organization and our scholarship program.

Our first is scheduled for Brooklyn on Saturday May 9th at Re/dress 109 Boreum Place Brooklyn, NY.

There will be a headliner performance by Nedra Johnson, a fashion show, Butch trivia with prizes and other Butch-based mayhem. They will be taking over the red hot space (well actually it's pale yellow but you know what I mean) at Re/dress in Brooklyn, thanks to the generosity of Deb Malkin.

Event info

If you're interested in performing or participating in the NYC fashion show/performance hit up Kelli at Kelli@kellidunham. com

Things are in the works for a kick ass fundraiser in Oakland as well. Details to follow. They are also looking to have other cities involved including Portland, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, and Atlanta. Be sure to contact butchvoices@ if you're interested in helping to organize or be a part of these events.

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