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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Will New Hampshire & Maine be the next states to allow same-sex marriage?

The New Hampshire State Senate voted yesterday (13-11) in favor of House Bill 436, which would allow same-sex couples to marry under state law. The bill passed the House last month in a 186-179 vote. However, since the Senate voted on an amended version, the bill will have to return to the House before being passed. If the bill becomes law, New Hampshire will become the fifth state in the US to allow gay marriage.

“Just one month ago, there were only two states where same-sex couples could marry. Now, with this vote in New Hampshire, we are on the verge of having five states that recognize marriage equality for same-sex couples. It’s been quite a month, and we look forward to more states joining this group,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese in a press release yesterday.

And to add to the excitement, Maine may be #6 on the list of States that allow same-sex Marriage. Just today Maine's State Senate voted 20 - 15 in favor of LD 1020, the marriage equality bill, which will now move to the House of Representatives. Luckily the the Senate defeated an amendment that had proposed putting the question of marriage equality for same-sex couples before voters, at least Maine won't have to deal with an issue like California's Proposition 8.

Presently, only four states have recognized same-sex marriage legally: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, and Vermont (effective September 1, 2009). However, with the possible addition of New Hampshire and Maine, perhaps that will be enough to persuade California 's Supreme Court to overturn Prop 8, which is expected to be decided on by June...I am crossing my fingers.

1 comment: said...

Great post I truly believe that all states should allow same sex marriages. I mean come on it's 2009 the dark ages are over!


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