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Monday, April 27, 2009

May 2009 Lesbian Horoscopes by Flash Silvermoon

The hot Beltane fires of May present Mother Nature in all her succulent glory offering a passionate glow to all who would spend some time outdoors in Her garden of earthly and not so earthly delights. May promises to be one of the more interesting months that we have had in awhile.

I hate to break it to you but Mercury will again go retrograde on May 7th until May 31st and this needn't be a disastrous time, as long as you remember to check and double check your plans, don't start anything new at this time or purchase anything major, especially a home, car, or anything electronic, as you simply will not have all the information needed to make a wise choice. If you absolutely have to sign on the dotted line for something, make sure you triple check everything.

This can also be an incredibly rich and fertile time to clear away stuff from your past, particularly if these things are holding you back. There's a time for everything and if you use this time wisely and don't try to "Push the River", you will be ready to go when that river is ready to flow again at the end of May.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 8th heightens that mood even more. This is always one of the most intense Full Moons all year and it can certainly dredge up more of our deep minds and may even present those challenges in the global political arena.

ARIES - I don't mind at all that Venus is coming through my sign again and is even chasing my ruler Mars around the wheel. My stars, Venus and Mars locked in a Tantric embrace in my sign no less! I am looking into my crystal ball and I see a full dance card for me. Yes, dancing with the stars and the only question is will it be hip hop,salsa, rock n roll, or strictly ballroom? Should be exciting no matter what and I love that.

TAURUS - Ah Aries, there's nothin' better than being a Taurian feeling gay in the month of May. I just love my birthday month and just so you know, for me , its more than the thought that counts. I am not totally high maintenance, but I do like a physical representation of your feelings, even if it is a day in bed, a box of Godiva chocolates, a great meal, a new car....oh I could go on and by the way, as Leo Mae West once said, "Too much of a good thing is wonderful."

GEMINI - Damn, I only had a day of murky Mercury in my sign before it hauled ass backwards into sluggish Taurus. I can be a little impatient with an earthy Mercury but maybe I can actually use it manifest some of my writing and ideas into something concrete. No I won't scrawl my name on your sidewalk professing my undying love. Please!

CANCER - I do believe I feel a good cleaning urge coming upon me but not like a Virgo. I have an ulterior motive with all this lusty fire energy about I can feel my water heating up and sometimes, being in hot water is a lovely thing. With all this wild windy energy blowing about I am glad for earthy Taurus Sun to settle things a bit. Sitting in an emotional Cuisinart is not my idea of a good time so I will take comfort where I can find it.

LEO - Oh growl, I am on the prowl and I think I will just find a nice sunny place where I can be adored and luxuriate in your admiration. I could walk around and try to make something happen but with Merc retro all month I think I will see who finds me and pace myself. I know this does sound sort of out of character but with all the opposite Aquarian energy yanking my chain, I figure something new might work better.

VIRGO - I am pretty good at biding my time and lately it seems as though I am being asked to do just that. At least Saturn will start to move forward mid month but hell if my ruler Mercury is heading the other way I probably won't even know what's happening for awhile.
I really do not like surprises so I will likely have several alternate solutions or exit strategies on hand just in case.

LIBRA - Seeing how I have to share Venus with Taurus, there are parts of me that can revel in creative fervor now. Erotic poetry seems to want to write itself trying to force its earthy passion into my normally cerebral and lofty words. It's almost like the Faeries swept me off into their magical glen and drenched my brain cells in Mead.

SCORPIO - If you want to get anything out of me, best to wait til after the Full Moon as I am likely to be more moody than usual and..., I just don;t really like my stuff all out in the streets. So stay out of my grill unless of course you are looking for a thrill in which case we really don't need to say much at all. Our bodies can have deep conversation and over ride old Mercury. Please no commitments til June.

SAGITTARIUS - I am wondering what kind of unusual journey this Full moon is going to offer me. I am game as usual and some positive excitement would be delightful , of course it doesn't always turn out to be a joyride. I have gotten so good at making lemonade out of life's lemons that another pucker or two won't hurt anything.

CAPRICORN - I am hanging put in slow mo retro along with Merc and Saturn and my push on let's do it attitude is taking a real beating. Talk about frustration. For some signs that can be deadly but for me its fuel and motivates the hell out of me. Just go on and tell me I can't and I will show you I CAN. Never dare a Capricorn, we don't back down, we just back up and sink our heels in for a better footing.

AQUARIUS - Whoosh is all I can say. From early May to June 9 I will be rockin' and rollin'. I am not the most adaptable person on the planet but I can see where I would be intensely challenged to flex every muscle in my being. My nervous system will likely feel overwhelmed and over amped. Stress reduction and meditation might just save the day this month.

PISCES - Where is my sea of tranquility? Did someone jut up and haul it off to some used serenity lot? Yes I decided on some space, time continuum between lifetimes to take on this assignment but I thought that there would be a guide book. Being an experiential learner I suppose this is the game plan. Every once in awhile, I do feel a deep comforting stillness inside and I savor every peaceful moment.

For more information check out Flash Silvermoon's website.

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